Saturday, May 23, 2009

Deficit? Who Cares

Jonah Golberg's Liberal Facsim focuses on the history and movement of the modern left and how, in many ways, it is about fascist like power.

Recall the economic debate when Bush was in power, and the left's response to the fact that the employment rate was high, GDP was up, among other indicators of success: the deficit was the rallying cry. Sure, on the surface things looked fine, but look at Bush's deficits. How many headlines were devoted to these deplorable deficits, how much commentary from the left leaning media elites? Our childrens' future was being robbed!

Now that an avowed leftist is in power, its interesting how deficits that are exponentially higher than Bush's, and the issue of our childrens' future being robbed now seems beyond debate, it really isn't that much of a concern. It's like complaining that driving 65 mph is too fast, but then being fine with allowing driving at 175 mph.

It's almost as if the "concern" for the deficit was just a tool to regain power or something.

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