Monday, May 25, 2009

Proving the Left Was Wrong Won't Have Much of a Shine When Iran Goes Nuclear

Multilateral negotiations was supposedly the way to a nuclear free N. Korea.

How's that working out so far?

Iran is certainly following the blueprint to success: obfuscation, leveraging a head-in-the-sand desire that the U.N. can tackle this issue, and stoking the notion among liberal elites that accommodation and appeasement will work THIS TIME notwithstanding a history replete with horrific examples resulting from appeasement failing to live up to expectations.

Of course Iran is far more worrisome that N.Korea. Dear leader Kim is no doubt wacko, but he doesn't preside at the whim of a religious theocracy which considers a worldwide caliphate their destiny, and the destruction of Israel a necessary step towards reaching that goal.

Our Friends on the left may want to consider that sometimes its not all about "us". Sometimes it's about "them", what they believe in, and what they propose to do about having a world closer to one which they believe in.

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