Saturday, November 28, 2009

Data Destined to Save All of Humanity Thrown Away...To "Save Space"

Let's try and put the destruction of the AGW raw data in some perspective.

Joe's Hardware store, Ma and Pa Kettle and the rest of us are required to keep records for tax audit purposes, Sara Palin had to keep her daily receipts, lest the international media pack successfully accused her of improperly reporting her lunches, heck I have to keep my dog's vaccination records or I can't cross the border with them.

Yet the data set which forms the foundation of a theory which seeks to reorder the world economy, affects the transfer of trillions of dollars, the purported purpose of which is to save all of humanity (at one of the most well funded international institutions on the planet) decides to throw it away space?

Uh, huh.

In other news, the Vatican was reported to have thrown away the remains of the Holy Grail, to make room for a new copy machine.

New Scientific Model: Trust Us, We're With the U.N.

From Kate at SDA linking to the TimesOnline:

"SCIENTISTS at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have admitted throwing away much of the raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming are based.
It means that other academics are not able to check basic calculations said to show a long-term rise in temperature over the past 150 years.
The UEA’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) was forced to reveal the loss following requests for the data under Freedom of Information legislation.
The data were gathered from weather stations around the world and then adjusted to take account of variables in the way they were collected. The revised figures were kept, but the originals — stored on paper and magnetic tape — were dumped to save space when the CRU moved to a new building."

AGW Theory...Basic Science Free

While we witness the meltdown at East Anglia and elsewhere, let's not lose site of the big picture. The computer models predicted ten or so years ago that the Earth would be in a relative inferno by now. Instead, to the frustration of the modellers, worldwide temperatures have not risen. Yet we are told the theory and models are still valid. It appears AGW theory goes something like this:

I predict the model will show X. If it does show X, my theory is correct.

If it doesn't show X, my theory is still correct.

If it shows the opposite of X, my theory is still correct, and you're a heretic for being skeptical of it.

One-Stop Chart to Kill Any "Arctic Ice is Melting" Conversation

Updated daily, this chart is rather stunning. In short, there appears to be no pattern of sea ice melting...other than seasonal.

Yeah, those pictures of melting ice the media loves to show you? That's what we in the colder countries call SPRING.

IPCC Fosters "Authoritarian and Exclusive Form of Knowlege Production"

Stated by some right wing AGW "denialist"? Actually, that was Mike Hume, professor at the epicenter of it all - University of East Anglia. He goes onto admit that the IPCC is pretty much finished, "run it's course" to use his more delicate words.

A stunning revelation that is now being widely reported by the mainstream press around the world....just having a bit of fun with you, the media is still in lock down mode on this, it's covered by Andrew Bolt's blog for Austrailia's Herald Sun (one of the best sources for climategate info).

Check out the link, there's lots of other new revelations there.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

MSM Covering Climategate...Unintentionally in the Comment Boards

Imagine a restaurant, where almost all of the customers sit down order a drink, and instead of buying a meal off of the menu, take out a meal they've brought in from the outside.

Imagine further that the customers are uniformly bringing the same meal, and that they're overtly telling the restaurant owner they would like that meal added to the menu. But the owner ignores the customers.

It sounds surreal doesn't it. But that's precisely the type of bizarre relationship the media is having with its readers on the climategate issue.

Take a look at this CBC story, carrying on about AGW, then look at what the readers in the comments are bringing to the table (hit a some of the older pages to get a real flavor).

Detached would be an understatement. Completely oblivious sounds a little closer to the mark.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Purely Coincidental I'm Sure

In the world of blogging, the Hadley affair has gone viral on the conservative side. Stunning revelations abound. On the other hand, old media is in lock down mode over the story. Now head on over to Liblogs and see that there's nary a peep. In fact, all of the issues covered there, appear to mirror what you see in any of the old media news aggregators.

Both liberal bloggers and old media's views on what should be exposed appear to be perfectly aligned. Funny that.

If You Can Only Read One Post in the Next Week, Let This Link be It

The boys at Powerline have outdone themselves by analysing and putting into context one of the most damning revelations out of the Hadley release. Read the whole thing, and then try to imagine that AGW is not a complete scam. I suspect you will have some difficulty.

It's titled "The Alarmists Do "Science": a Case Study".

The Customer is Always Right...Except in the Media Business

There's a saying in business that the customer is always right. A restaurant telling its customers that the food really does taste good, in response to complaints about poor quality won't be in business for long. All viable businesses follow this basic principle.

Emphasis on the word "viable".

Yesterday a blog story went "viral" - the Hadley data leak. Small Dead Animals is one of the best places to follow it, but the story is pretty much everywhere. Except in old media.

That hundreds of blogs and their millions of readers are flocking to this story is proof of the interest in it (never mind that it goes to the heart of a theory that seeks to redefine our worldwide economic relations - something of fundamental importance to all Western citizens).

It seems the media is trying to tell us this foul dish really does taste good.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Fall of Old Media Continues Unabated

While Americans must get real fact checking on the costs of Obamacare from the CATO Institute (and "reported" by blogs), the AP assigns 11 (eleven) reporters to fact check Palin's new book.

Among the important discrepancies discovered was the claim that Palin did not frequent expensive hotels while governor, DEBUNKED!!! by the uncovered facts that she stayed in expensive hotels a grand total of four nights. Mark Steyn's hilarious take on this here.

As for fact checking the cost of a program imposed by the state that will radically alter its relationship with its citizenry and change the makeup of the entire economy? Old media has far more important things to cover....and far more important people to cover up for.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Putting on a Pretty Dress for Our Fallen Soldiers

Our four year old daughter woke us up this morning asking if we were thinking about the soldiers who have died. She then said she was going to put on a pretty dress while she thought about them.

No Easy Answers for the Liberals

I`ve written before about the quandary facing the Liberals, one that existed well before their current drop in the polls, masked by a fractured right under Chretien. While the Liberals were busy occupying the mushy middle, the ideological ground on the right was unified by the current CPC while the NDP has solidified its hold on the left.

Now the Liberals have nowhere to go - not without consequences that is. Move to the right and they cede ground to the NDP. Move to the left and they lose their Red Torys. This quandary is now fully evident with Iggy`s absence of any concrete agenda. Trapped, the Liberals are forced to chase headlines and jump from one faux scandal to the next.

Some time ago, I predicted that the end result could be the rise of the NDP as the true alternative to the CPC. While the gains by both the NDP and the CPC in these by-elections are by no means conclusive, they seem to have caused the punditocracy to start to take note of this dynamic.

One thing is certain, there are no easy answers for the Liberals.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

If the Dems Pass Their Health Care Bill

It will be political suicide for the Dems if they vote in the health care bill. In part because it is generally unpopular with the American people - according to every poll on the issue. More importantly, they will be doing it even though that they know the people do not want it.

Worse, the people know, that they know that the people do not want it but will pass it anyway. This utter contempt for voters in the land of the free and the home of the brave will surely lead to a political rout in 2010.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Most Important Unreported Story of the Year

The fact that Adscam funds may be traced to find out which Liberals got their paws on the ill gotten booty may be the most important political story of the year. A few thoughts:

The cries of "old news" from Liberals will be cast against the backdrop of their recently flogging the Mulroney horse - which pales in comparison in terms of it being much older news, involving a tiny fraction of dollars, and most importantly, private funds not stolen taxpayer money.

Until the funds are returned the issue remains current. There could very well be liberals in power today who continue to benefit from this crime. The suggestion from Liberals to "just let it go" is tantamount to their saying "just let us keep the stolen money" - a position that will not sit well with the public.

Reviving this issue could well be politically devastating to a party that is desperate to gain traction in the polls. It reminds voters not only of how bad things really got under the Liberals, but serves as a stark comparison to the faux scandals the Liberals have been chasing over the last several years.

Liberals will have to tread very carefully. They've told us the notion of putting a logo on ceremonial checks is of national importance. Surely returning tens of millions of stolen funds back to hard working Canadians is something worth exploring.