Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This Bold Fresh Brilliant New Idea Must Be From the Ivy League

Iggy brainstorms and comes up with....national child care.

In other news, Iggy proposes a fresh new music craze called ... disco.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

If You're Going to Scandal Chase, Do It Right

It seems that the liberals have decided to put their big thinking ideas aside and once again delve into scandal chasing - a prescription to power they seem to think will replace the long tough slogging of party revitalization. The latest is "giant ceremonial cheque-gate".

In order to help out my friends on the left, I have some helpful tips on separating a real scandal from faux scandals:

1) Numbers are important. If the amounts are in the tens of millions, like say the Sponsorship scandal, you're onto something, particularly if the sums are directly stolen from taxpayers and given to the political party.

2) Try to avoid creating a scandal out of things your own party routinely does. For instance, Emerson's floor crossing was portrayed as evil incarnate, while Stronach's and Brison's were "just politics". It doesn't just detract from your efforts, it causes a public opinion boomerang.

3) If possible, avoid looking like you're capitalizing on the deaths of others for political gain. Black humour in the course of a food poisoning outbreak, may or may not be in bad taste, but rushing in with feigned outrage at a single line uttered in a back room meeting seems a tad ghoulish.

4) If you have to say something is a scandal, it's likely not a scandal.

5) Pooping cartoons, whoever they happen to be pooping on, never rise to the level of national importance.

6) It may be tempting to go after a politician's attempt to look personable through the use of such evil devices as the sweater vest, but I'm told by fashion people that use of garb to portray an image is done by.....well....everyone on the planet, every day of their lives.

Those are just a few, feel free to add in the comments.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Iggy: Forget About That Whole "Taking Down the Government" Thing

Forget about Harper getting a "fail". Forget about Canada being able to "do better". Forget about that little chat in the woods. As for "If you mess with me, I will mess with you until I’m done"? Hey, what's wrong with a bit of messing.

With the CPC now into majority territory, Iggy changes his tune...again. Take a look at this awkward backtracking:

"What I said was we lost confidence in the government. I didn’t say we’re going to move more motions of non confidence."


Friday, October 9, 2009

Iranian Dissidents Should Have Given More Flowery Speeches Read off a Teleprompter

The travesty of Obama's Nobel peace price award is best appreciated when compared to any number of other more deserving candidates.

Nominations closed two weeks into his presidency. Apparently airing flowery platitudes about "hoping" for a world without war, trumps actual actions for the cause...such as...oh I dunno....risking one's life, or having one's family captured, tortured and murdered.

Then again, anyone can have the courage to sacrifice everything for the cause of peace. Reading a professionally written speech about peace off of a teleprompter - now THAT'S praiseworthy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shelf Life of Iggy's Public Statements Down to A Few Hours

Looks like that "adult conversation" about making tough choices, including tax increases, isn't going over so well. And anyway, that's an old idea. At least six hours old. Time to move on.

Apparently he's now in favour of easy answers and happiness for all. Said one anonymous Liberal source:

"forget about all that nasty tax increase talk, our new plan calls for unicorns and a hefty portion of fairy dust."

Nail in Coffin: Iggy Talks Tax Hikes

Part of Iggy's new "adult conversation" with Canadians is a proposal to hike taxes.

Firstly, this is political suicide. Just as he's dropping in the polls he wants to tax us more?

Politics aside, a more apt description would be an "adolescent" quick fix. Just as our fragile economy is starting to regain its footing, we're going to create a disincentive to consumers and/or producers (depending on the form of tax hike)?

One has to wonder at this point whether Iggy is intentionally hastening his return to his comfortable American Ivy League tower.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Liking Our PM

The left loves to portray Harper as a cold, robotic man (or in the case of Dion, quasi-sociopathic in lacking a "social conscience"). Of course this meme, which the media has largely been happy to parrot, is a political concoction. One merely has to take the seeds of a publicly modest man, sprinkle some partisan spin and a self-fulfilling focus on only that trait, and presto, you get a "cold" man.

The reason this spin has been largely unsuccessful is not that the public hasn't fallen for it. It's because Canadians don't have to like their PM as much as they have to respect and trust him.

What has the left's collective heads exploding today is the possibility of the public not only trusting Harper, but liking him as well. The reason why Harper's performance is resonating with so many is because of the depths to which it shatters the meme of a mean, cold, robotic man.

Harper didn't learn to play music last week. He wasn't taught to play music by his chief of staff as some political ploy. His passion for music (and good humour) was obvious for all the world to see. And accompanying stories that he learned to play as a child on cardboard keys because his family couldn't afford a piano are humanizing and endearing. More importantly, the stories are real.

Liking our PM. Now there's a thought.