Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BBC Interviews Computer Programmer on Released CRU Coding - It's Not Reliable

A chilling interview (by the BBC...yes the BBC) with a computer programmer who's gone through the released coding from the CRU. To think that trillions are riding on this is the scandal of the century.

In short, the coding is an absolute mess and inherently unreliable. The video is brief, watch it all.


  1. Nice but the program has already been shown to be far more than just sloppy science or program writting, It's a build in program of deception and alteration of data.

  2. It was probably edited so many times to give the desired results that there is no semblance of logic remaining within it. (real conservative)

  3. See the latest at Watts Up With That; Russians say CRU cherrypicked Russian temp. data.

  4. Here is that link h/t maz2 @BLY