Friday, December 18, 2009

"Meaningful Deal" Reached In Copenhagen... At the Hands of THE ONE

How do we know it's "meaningful"? Obama said it is so. And so it shall be written.

We've reached the epicenter of leftist media nirvana. Where AGW fever and Obama worship meet.


  1. Did Merkel and Sarkozy agree to this? Or did they have no choice?

  2. Jack Layton is very dissapointed. This must be a great deal!

  3. Scooped me! I loved Greenpeace saying "Obama will go down as the man that killed Copenhagen"

  4. "Mr. Obama noted that the United States would not be legally bound by anything agreed to in Copenhagen on Friday, and that, due to weather in Washington, he was leaving ahead of a full vote on the agreement."

    New York Times.

  5. He hasn't saved anything if Congress and the Senate, disagree with him.
    Roy Green, laid a whooping on him today and rightfully so. What a Peacock!

    The unearned Nobel, is starting to take on a whole new intention now and it's not pretty.
    Carter, Gore, Obama.....? The world is just so much better and peaceful hey? Look at the disgusting mess that Copenhagen turned into and these leftie whacks profess to HATE WAR. Yep, right!

  6. It looks like nothing but a face-saving gesture. The fact is that China and India will not submit to international supervision. They were not oblique about this. In fact, the PM of India announced it. China also made the that clear.

    Probably the take-away from this is that Copenhagen has failed, and that they have been given a year or so to come up with some way of salvaging whatever there is of value, in the wake of the wreckage of the CRU.

  7. Oh, IT's NOT binding. There is a God! Wow, awesome!
    Bloody waste of time.

  8. Our PM got EVERYTHING he wanted.
    We take home the Colosal Fossil with pride,
    this calls for a parade....!

    -No Kyoto
    -Every country sets their own targets, and promise to meet them by providing a to-do list to Santa Claus, to be reviewed by the elves sometime next year
    -Every country has to do errrr something about their ghgs, but NO binding agreement
    -20/2020 is Canada's confirmed and accepted target

  9. It's not the epicentre, it's the Bermuda Triangle!

  10. What this really provides is another year to dig deeper into the climategate and faked science, and perhaps launch a few fraud prosecutions.

  11. This is par for the course when a bunch of bureaucrats and politicians get their little empty heads together. Weasel words are their stock in trade. As for me, I couldn't be happier at the outcome. I can't wait to see Gore and Suzuki and the rest of that money grubbing, social engineering, cabal of fools turn purple with apoplexy.
    As for Stephen Harper, many kudos for sticking to your guns and getting everything you wanted. This may even be enough to vote Conservative rather than for Gizmo Gearloose and the Rhinoceros Party.