Saturday, October 10, 2009

Iggy: Forget About That Whole "Taking Down the Government" Thing

Forget about Harper getting a "fail". Forget about Canada being able to "do better". Forget about that little chat in the woods. As for "If you mess with me, I will mess with you until I’m done"? Hey, what's wrong with a bit of messing.

With the CPC now into majority territory, Iggy changes his tune...again. Take a look at this awkward backtracking:

"What I said was we lost confidence in the government. I didn’t say we’re going to move more motions of non confidence."



  1. Maybe Iggy should look into a career in gymnastics?

  2. Canadians are not stupid.
    They know this is a complete u turn for Iffy.

    Just like they have known for over a year, that some of our troops were going to remain in Afghanistan, after the 2011 combat pullout, for recon and humanitarian work.
    Yet Bob Rae and Jim Travers are spinning that there is some kind of confusion in the govt over the mission.

    The only confusion is what they are trying to instill.
    Canadians are not stupid.

  3. "Maybe Iggy should look into a career in gymnastics?"

    Or pretzel baking.

  4. he should practice saying "Mr. ass-kicker, your time is up", or "Mr. Rosedale your time is up", get some western canadian political brains, and try standing up for real Canadians - like support HOC reform to reflect equal voting representation etc., - will he take my advice ? - hah !

  5. We gotta keep poor old Ignegative right where he is until we get those other senate seats filled . After watching those arrogant non-elected liberal bastards , led by George Baker yesterday , they need to be the opposition for a couple of decades at least .Opposing and gutting a law that every MP, every provincial premier , 99.9 per cent of Canadians , except criminals want , simply to screw Ignegative over and suck up to Bob Rae isn't in the best interest of Canadians .

  6. "The only confusion is what they are trying to instill.
    Canadians are not stupid."

    This is the one thing that I HAVE paid attention to the last few weeks.

    What is up with this kool-aid drinking propaganda? The one episode that I watched of PP, Minister McKay clearly states the 'next step' and yet the next bunch of garbage you hear, is this....

    It has to be so frustrating to have your word twisted and misrepresented.

  7. Bec, I have to give credit to Evan Solomon, who took the bull by the horns tackly Ignatieff, we should get more people like him in place of PP Tom Clark.

    One thing we do know is that the liberals sent our troops into Afghanistan since 2001, and throughout those years under the liberal government we rarely heard much of anything in news in regards to our troops.
    In fact, I thought the troops had returned to canada because as I told defense mp "we hardly heard anything in the media"
    When the troops needed money the media rarely said much for the troops.
    The media hyprocrisy toward our military is disgusting.
    Now that the prime minisrer is responsible for the military's wel-being in providing decent equipments and what have you; the media suddenly remember the soldiers.
    Our troops combat role will end in 2011 however some of the troops will remain there to provide training and security for foreign aide workers etc.
    You can't possibly sent foreign aide workers without some sort of protection.
    I suggest that the so call reporters, jack layton and duceppe find their backsides in Afhanistan to act as 'PEACE-KEEPERS' or if not, to shut the hell up.