Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This Bold Fresh Brilliant New Idea Must Be From the Ivy League

Iggy brainstorms and comes up with....national child care.

In other news, Iggy proposes a fresh new music craze called ... disco.


  1. "It's a very clear commitment... It's a legacy issue for the Liberal party." says Iffy

    It's been a legacy issue since Chretiens 1993 Red Book,
    13 years includingvi 3 majorities....no national daycare.

    Kyoto was a Chretien legacy issue too.
    But "we didn't get it done"

    Iffy's support of the Iraq war wipes out Chretien's 'legacy' of not doing something too.

    The Liberal legacy that will survive
    no matter who leads that party, is ADSCAM

  2. Poor ole Iggy. So last century.