Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nail in Coffin: Iggy Talks Tax Hikes

Part of Iggy's new "adult conversation" with Canadians is a proposal to hike taxes.

Firstly, this is political suicide. Just as he's dropping in the polls he wants to tax us more?

Politics aside, a more apt description would be an "adolescent" quick fix. Just as our fragile economy is starting to regain its footing, we're going to create a disincentive to consumers and/or producers (depending on the form of tax hike)?

One has to wonder at this point whether Iggy is intentionally hastening his return to his comfortable American Ivy League tower.


  1. He should take Kim Campbell's advice. An election is no time to raise adult issues.

    Let's face it, raising taxes and cutting spending are things you can only accomplish in the first year of a majority gov't. Until then, he might as well dust off a copy of the Red Book.

    The Tories are smart enough to bob and weave around difficult truths until they earn a majority. If the next gov't is another minority, we are looking at deficits for years and years to come, no matter who forms it.

    But yer right, it sure looks as though Iggy is hastening his own exit from politics flogging this dead horse.

  2. Iggy sure is in a hurry to raise those taxes. Let's not wait until the economy shakes itself out and adjusts to the new economic realities. Let's get out ahead of this thing and start raising taxes right away. I guess the withdrawal symptoms were too much to bear. Nothing but tax reductions for the last couple of years; it's enough to make a Liberal break out in a cold sweat.

  3. Well, he won't form a minority govt, he'll form a coalition with the TAX happy NDP and the indifferent to Canadian need, Bloc.

    The Coalition is back on and he can put through any damn tax he wants, with a greedy and greedier, left!

  4. Oh, Iffy is taking his lead from a couple of journalists, Travers for one, that keeps insisting that taxes and spending cuts are a must, and no government can get out of deficit without raising taxes.

    There is an enormous amount of fat that can be cut, first, and no need to raise taxes, cut transfers to the provinces nor cut social programs.

    Starting with MP perks....Ruby, make your mama pay for her own flights!
    Political parties can do without taxpayers picking up the $1.95 per vote, and cost of 10%ers ... with less money for party coffers to spend, even a minority can govern for 3-4 years.
    There's a couple of taxhavens that can get the boot too (too bad CSL)

  5. You're right Bec!
    Doesn't matter what Iffy's platform is,
    it's all up for renegotiation with Dippers and the Bloc,
    unless PMSH wins a majority.

  6. New post up. Iggy's changed his tune already. Pure comedy gold.

  7. ha ha Biff...are you for real?...oh my!