Sunday, October 4, 2009

Liking Our PM

The left loves to portray Harper as a cold, robotic man (or in the case of Dion, quasi-sociopathic in lacking a "social conscience"). Of course this meme, which the media has largely been happy to parrot, is a political concoction. One merely has to take the seeds of a publicly modest man, sprinkle some partisan spin and a self-fulfilling focus on only that trait, and presto, you get a "cold" man.

The reason this spin has been largely unsuccessful is not that the public hasn't fallen for it. It's because Canadians don't have to like their PM as much as they have to respect and trust him.

What has the left's collective heads exploding today is the possibility of the public not only trusting Harper, but liking him as well. The reason why Harper's performance is resonating with so many is because of the depths to which it shatters the meme of a mean, cold, robotic man.

Harper didn't learn to play music last week. He wasn't taught to play music by his chief of staff as some political ploy. His passion for music (and good humour) was obvious for all the world to see. And accompanying stories that he learned to play as a child on cardboard keys because his family couldn't afford a piano are humanizing and endearing. More importantly, the stories are real.

Liking our PM. Now there's a thought.

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