Monday, August 3, 2009

Canadian Press: Discussing CPC Leadership like "Sex Talk With Teenage Kids"

MSM, off the rails once again.

One part reflexive anti conservative worldview, four parts severe creepiness, and


you've got yourself another example of why the legacy media is breathing its last gasps.


  1. What to do on a slow news day

    -Call ten tories and ask them to talk about leadership.

    Hey presto, now you can write a process story on how tories are talking about leadership.


  2. If recent events are anything to go by, the author of this piece may well have called no Tories.

    So convenient when an NDP moonbat and unnamed sources seem to suffice for 'serious' political reporting.

  3. The analogy itself is flawed.

    If parents waited til the kids were teens to have 'the talk' then the reaction would likely be more like, "Hey Mom & Dad, let me teach YOU a few things."

  4. Having a new CPC leader, is more wishful thinking than anything else. I don't blame the msm, seeing as their preferred governing option has been slip sliding away ever since Harper returned from his brief hiatus with the NCC.

    Just look at the number of Lib MPs, since early 2002 ... 172, 135, 103, 77.

    Yikes, what a scary sequence of numbers for Lib partisans ! The MPs must feel like the doomed teenagers in "Friday the 13th", as Jason is out there, stalking them in his hockey mask.

    Calgary Junkie

  5. 172, 135, 103, 77.
    Canadians are trending right! Guess that's why the right thinking academic from fantasyland was beamed into the Lib top spot.

    The Liberal decent happened all the while campaigning on
    child poverty, national daycare, Kelowna Accord, every special interest group was Liberal friendly (very antiCon)...

    Conservative rise thru
    secret agendas, 2 tier healthcare, scary religious right, taking away women's rights, mean scary divisive Harper, and the Green Shift....