Sunday, August 23, 2009

Media Advice to Iggy: "Stress Family Links to Canada"

L. Ian Macdonald is the latest member of the left leaning legacy media hand wringing over the "chosen one's" failure to take Canadians by storm. He offers this gem of advice:

"He needs to do more of what he was doing Friday in Lennoxville, connecting with voters by stressing his family's links to Canada."

So to recap:

Media to it's readers: "How dare Harper bring up Iggy being out of the country for most of his adult life. That's totally irrelevant, out-of-bounds and just downright mean!"

Media's advice to Iggy: "Psst...Iggy...start stressing you're links to Canada - being out of the Country for decades before coming here for the sole purpose of leading us, may appear a tad out of touch, distant and elitist."

Biff's advice to the left leaning media: If your chosen one can't even move past the most basic requirement for the top job - being "Canadian" - everything else is simply moot.

It's like trying to sell someone a horse as a racing thouroughbred, and the sales pitch gets bogged down on whether it's a horse or a mule.

Horse or mule, it's not getting out of the starting gate.


  1. Tho I really do not like Iffy (I did like Martin and Dion),
    it's not the leader, it's the party.

    The natural governing party of Canada (and their LibLuvin media) were left with their collective heads spinning, after the evil Harper won a minority government in 2006.

    They were, and still are, dizzy in disbelief that the evil Harper is twice, still PM.
    Because they hate him,
    they can't beat him,
    because they can't think straight.

    It was Dithers, it was a fluke, it was Adscam, it was an RCMP ivestigation, it was 13 years of rule....

    It was Dion, it was the Green Shift, it was attack ads, it was the CTV interview...

    Fast forward to September/Oct 2009,
    it's the 'just visiting' attacks, it's the coalition fearmongering,
    it's the behind the scenes Rae team, it's a Toronto only team, it's policy on the fly, it's too much policy, too little policy....

    No's YOU.

    Liberals and their media are non-stop 'get the hell back into power NOW or get the hell out' narrative.

    That's good for Conservatives, because in the process Liberals have learned NOTHING.

    The LPC has not spent their time in the penalty box self reflecting.
    And with the desperate attempt to steal power when they couldn't win it,
    the Coalition of Losers has resulted in both the Libs and Dippers with a lost identity.

    oooh, long rant, sorry

  2. Personally, I didn't take this piece as playing favourites to anyone - more like some tough love advice for the Liberal leader.

    I didn't understand that tuxedo reference though, unless he meant that it fed Iggy's image as a snob...

  3. This piece wasn't picking favourites: to the contrary.

    But Macdonald, like Traverse and others members of the left leaning media of late, aren't coming from this from the perspective of objective columnists. They're liberals frustrated that their preferred party hasn't knocked out the CPC.

    They of course can critique, as long as its of the constructive variety. The CPC? Well that's destructive - in the sense of wanting to keep the Liberals out of power. So the same point coming from them is in bounds, but from the CPC is out of bounds.

  4. Iggy is in a lot of trouble. He is the weakest player in the four-handed game. Not a desirable position to be in.

    Layton and Duceppe are playing hardball, with their insistence on taking down Harper. Harper has got all his tactical moves, nuanced messaging and so on, figured out to the day, leading up to Sep 28th.

    Iggy is playing it all by ear. His moves are all haphazard, incoherent and incosistent. He goes to China for what ? So that he has a talking point: "I visited China before Harper nya nya". Pathetic.

    He is at the mercy of the polls and the will of his caucus, and he has no mandate from the Party (as Dion did).

    It's gonna be fun to watch him play out Hamlet, Act III. But who gets killed in the final scene ?

    Calgary Junkie

  5. I don't envy the Appointed One.

    He has to either support the Harper Government once again in the fall, or force an election that would surely cause a backlash.

    Either scenario is a problem for him.

  6. Are you people nuts? L. Ian MacDonald, Mulroney's speechwriter and staunch consvative all his life.

    How can you be so stupid.

    Oh, like the other Flogging Borie sites you'll probably delete any comment that you disagree with or shows your ignorance.

    LOL - MacDonald a Liberal? Are you nuts?!

  7. Hey Anony,

    If MacDonald is such a "staunch consvative" (sic) why did he write :

    "He needs to do more of what he was doing Friday in Lennoxville, connecting with voters by stressing his family's links to Canada."

    That is a clear cut endorsement and encouragement for Count Iggula if I've ever seen one.

    Stupid indeed! LOL!