Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NDP Making It's Move, Liberal Supporters Dazed, Confused...But Mostly Confused

As I discussed more fully here, with a unified right and stable party on the left, the Liberals are in an ideological void. With the NDP's new rebranding effort, I surmised it was part of a natural move to try and become the party of the left.

Now we're hearing word of the NDP preparing attack ads against Iggy. This should come as no surprise to folks who have been paying attention. Nevertheless, Liberal supporters seemed shocked at the move.

To my Liberal friends: buckle in and hold tight, because the NDP is making its move.


  1. Libs were hoping that 'coalition if necessary but not necessarily coalition' would transport them thru the next election, into government.

    Dippers won't be teased this time. Poor Iffy has to decide if he's in or out of a formal coalition with Jack BEFORE the election campaign starts.

  2. Even if you look at, there's now a heck lot of blue on it. Whether this is just a temporary addition for the convention, I'm not sure, but it seems like the NDP is really trying to rebrand... ... but it does look better

  3. Hmmm, attack ads on Iggy from the Dippers huh ?!This suggests to me that there is going to be a full court press on the Lib MPs leading up to Sep 28th. The object is to intimidate them into backing off of tabling a non-confidence motion. Or else force them to table a wishy-washy motion that shows they're not serious about taking down Harper.

    Iggy is clearly the weakest player in the four-player game. So it makes sense that the other three will gang up on him. When I played Hearts for money in my university days, that dynamic occured quite often--go after the bottom guy, push him over 100, the game is over, everybody else wins.

    Calgary Junkie

  4. Just like OBAMA, who is exactly like layton both are socialist and commies.
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