Monday, August 3, 2009

Some Context to the Cool Temps

Now that BC's "heat wave" is over, a look at the national temperature scene reveals that there doesn't appear to be any areas in Canada experiencing summer heat. All cool.

Where's the global warming? AGW proponents will surely point out that AGW involves worldwide temperatures and trends, and that localized low temperatures, even on a national scale mean very little. (Let's leave aside that worldwide temps have dropped since 1998 on a global scale for the moment).

Is the absence of warming in Canada meaningless? First of all, it's important to note the dire predictions of dramatically increasing temperatures weren't made last year, or even the year before that. They were made back in the late nineties. We were told that unless dramatic steps are taken (and none have been taken) that in fifty years we'd be in a sweltering wasteland of heat filled despair. Note also we were told that it had already started heating. In other words the trajectory was already in place, it wasn't starting 10 or 20 years hence.

Given that, shouldn't we at least be experiencing SOME NOTICEABLE increase in temperature a full ten years later? As Canadians we weren't to be expecting record lows across the country and spanning season upon season.

I also have a quick question for my global warming friends. If you think the Earth is warming, but that it's just not warming in much of North America, then where exactly are the areas experiencing this super heating - over and above the already predicted heating that must be offsetting the cold over in our neck of the woods. Is Europe now an oven? Central Asia? Anywhere?


  1. I disagree with the contention that climate is global. All climate is LOCAL! The climate of Inuvik is not the same as the climate of Vancouver which is not the same as Toronto which is not the same as Rio which not the same as Sydney which is not the same as the South Pole. Climate is local.

  2. Our local Meterologicoloon on the Halifax News/Talk radio station incessantly explains(Claims) that the east is cool and wet this year because it is warm..???? He contends that Greenland is melting rapidly and all of it's cold is therefore moving south and affecting us. I guess he never took Thermodynamics 101. It is heat that transfers, not cold. Just imagine if his theory worked, you could cool off your house by shining an electric heater on a bag of ice. Now wouldn't tha be convenient.

    Loonies - all of them. There is no emergency, there is no AGW. Leave the planet alone. "A Warm Planet is a Happy Planet" I love my carbon footiprint.

    Marlin Spike

  3. My favourite pessimist start with this rant on the 1st of August - "6 weeks to snow!" God I hope he is wrong - I have all the available fingers and toes crossed.