Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NDP Rebranding, Liberals be Afraid, be Very Afraid

The NDP is considering a name change. Normally name changes are part of a broader rebranding effort. It's the current political context that's making this move particularly important.

As discussed here before, with a consolidated right, and a longstanding party to its left, the Liberals are in a bit of a pinch. It's been awhile since we've actually heard a coherent comprehensive policy come out of the Liberal camp (the green shift was a one issue wonder, not even close to a full platform required from a national party) principally because the Liberals have nowhere to go without risking some of its base. Scare mongering about conservatives taking away Canada as we know it, combined with the position that they were simply the rightful power holders, the natural governing party, was the "policy" before the green shift. In other words, no policy at all.

Iggy has continued on with the policy avoidance, content instead to follow the headlines and hurl critiques from the sidelines. What we are left with is one party on the right, one party on the left, and one party blowing in the wind. The party on the left has room to grow, but capturing the moniker of being THE party of the left will require some serious effort and some serious politicking. The starting point is shedding its old image and rebranding.

It has begun. Liberals should be afraid. They should be very afraid.


  1. William Says...

    I predict the new name will be something along the lines of:

    The Liberal Democratic Party of Canada.

    Then watch the Liberals scream bloody murder!

  2. Or, if the liberals can't beat them -join them and be:


    OBAMA wannabes of the North

  3. Liberal Democratic Party of Canada
    good name for the Coalition of Losers!

    But then it should be the
    Liberal Democratic Party of Canada and Quebec

  4. Oh Jack, just go for ABC Party of Canada and be done with it!

  5. Hmmmm. How about:

    The "New NDP" or the "New and Improved NDP". But after their naming comitee finishes with it will probably end up something like the "New Democratic Socialist Green Free Healthcare Forever We Hate Conservatives Bush Sucks Eat the Rich Liberals In a Hurry Party".

  6. that's a mouthful Dee Dee "NDSGFHFWHCBSERLHP"

    you forget friends of taliban-hamas-hezbollah terrorist and drug addicts and transqender- gay/lesbian