Sunday, September 27, 2009

Iggy's "Predicament"

Macleans blog links to an article by Rachel Cooke, in which she empathizes with Iggy's "predicament" in his no longer being able to say whatever he wants. Politically, his predicament is this:

Iggy has spent his whole life speaking on behalf of Iggy and no one else. Wholly uninterested in having to speak the language from other peoples' perspectives, concerns, views, and having never served in a meaningful representative capacity until recently, he now must now try to speak on behalf of all Canadians.

It's been difficult. It seems that Iggy's solution is to keep to a favourite subject: himself.

And so we have yet another discussion with Iggy, about Iggy.


  1. ''Iggy has spent his whole life speaking on behalf of Iggy and no one else.''

    And that has not changed.
    He needs a seriously devasting political experience to humble the man.
    Then we will see if he takes it like a man or goes back to Harvard.

  2. I guess the entire national medias in canada that inhales sleep with the LPOC is not doing their job properly therefore, Ignatieff has to look across the seas to one of his homelands to speak and campaign for him.

    While on the other hand, the prime minister who has no NATIONAL MEDIA what so ever seem to do his job for canada and has been in government since 2006.

  3. Forgot to add this, I wonder if Ignatieff or any other fed liberal mp would be able to carry out their job without a single media in tow or on air. No Tom Clark, CTV, PPG, CBC, G/M,T/S, TVO, Taber, Oliver, Delacourt ETC,,,,,

    I guess they never will beable.

  4. Iggy is the perfect liberal, a talking head spewing platitudes such that he will never explain to the public what their real agenda is. (real conservative)