Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Huge Scandal...If Conservatives Did It

Imagine if in the last election Bush won ("stole" so says the far left) members of a skinhead group wearing paramilitaristic uniforms and wielding clubs, were caught intimidating voters at a polling station in order to ensure they made the "right" vote.

Imagine further that career prosecutors advanced the case, and after the case was essentially won, a high level Bush DOJ political appointee intervened and overruled the career prosecutors, dropping the case against the skinhead thugs.

I suspect it would be a scandal of epic proportions in which every daily, every network, and every major political commentator in the media would cite the far reaching ramifications of the politicization of prosecutions and how this base corruption goes to the core of our democracy, akin to actions of tin pot banana republics.

But this is happened in the Obama Administration, regarding the Black Panthers. So you'll see it in the Washington Times, some conservative blogs, and then you'll see it no more.

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