Saturday, July 18, 2009

Iggy: "They" (We) Have "Disgusting" and "Entirely Bogus" Views, "Bitch" Instead of Paying our Fair Share

Iggy on Canadians and peacekeeping.

It's a good thing Iggy's been telling us how much he loves to be a Canadian now that he wants to be PM. Otherwise one might get the impression he thinks we're just a bunch of lowly "bitch"[ing], freeloading Canadians with "disgusting" views of ourselves on matters going to the heart of our self-identity.

His carefully scripted campaign style speeches show the true Iggy, I'm sure.


  1. I tended to agree with what he had to say. But I'm not a liberal and I'm not going to vote for him. His base might think twice though.

  2. I also agree with what he said.

  3. No matter what Iffy thinks of us,
    our troops are coming home in 2011...PMSH said so, 10 years is long enough.
    Sounds like Iffy thinks differently. But that was before he was appointed Lib leader, I'm sure he will back down that hill too.

  4. I'm as conservative as they come and I don't want Iggy as PM but I agree with him in this case.

    Canadians are biggest whiners, bitchers and all around ball-less pansies there are.

    Most don't serve in the military. They have no inkling of military matters. Any politician that runs on a platform of cutting defense dollars and financing bulls^^t naany state programs will do in Canada.

    Canadians love to ridicule, and bad mouth the USA every chance they get. They love to let the USA do the heavey lifting when it comes to international military contributions. But when the awards are handed out at the end of the day the Canukistanians run right to the front of the line expecting their medals.