Friday, July 31, 2009

Understatement of the Month

"Wafergate does not reflect well on media."

Canadians face a myriad of daily concerns: our children's education, our elderly parents' care, the state of our health, maintaining our marriages, jobs and homes. On top of it all we are currently in the midst of a worldwide economic downturn.

On any given day there is literally an infinite number of things going on in the world that impact these concerns in varying degrees.

Yet what did the gatekeepers of information determine to be one of the most important and pressing events for all Canadians, worthy of capturing the headlines and lead-ins across the country?

Whether or not Harper ate a communion wafer.


  1. Well if they are dumb and stupid enough to listen to Kinkysella this is what you can expect. Do you hear going out of bussiness

  2. Well Biff, HE ATE the communion wafer because 1st, I believe HIM, 2nd, I believe the PRIEST, 3rd, I believe the Speaker of the Senate.
    2 of them watched him and 1 actually did it.

    Frankly, if this was the leader of any other party, a different PM, as a partisan Conservative, I would have given that PERSON the dignity and without question, the benefit of the doubt.
    These Liberal piranha's, are un-flippin believable in their double standard on Christianity.
    They could start with the 10 commandments to refresh their hypocritical memory and then move on to the Golden Rule.
    Do all of that.......they may become healthy and 'conservative'.....

  3. Bec,

    I prefer not to enter the fray, not because I don't believe he ate it, but because this type of sleazy gotcha politics does not deserve our attention.

    That the media actually aired this sleaze as being "news" IS worthy of our attention.

  4. It's interesting that this garbage became "every 5 minutes" news throughout most of the news services, and none of them are making retractions, other than the original source. When the term "media-bias" is tossed about, remember this one.

  5. HArper commmitted a major transgression against the largest religious group in Canada. He should not have taken the eucharist and he should have consumed it immediately. He did neither. He was wrong and should apologize to Catholics and pray to God for forgiveness.

    Actually, the biggest story in Canada is the Harper lead recession and $50 billion spending spree. The media is not covering that either. They waste time on the silly games Harper plays.

    It's sad.