Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Liberals on the Ropes

This is why many on the left were so defeated at Iggy's willingness to ignore his own line in the sand:

retail sales in Canada sharply rise.

Taking down the CPC this past spring was probably a bit of a long shot, but if you can't take down a sitting PM in the middle of one of the worst economic downturn's in a generation, with a leader who was so purportedly right for the new job he was anointed without a party vote, and with a hostile press willing to jump on any government issue and declare it a "scandal!!!", then when?

And if your party is refraining from trying to take power at the obviously best time, you know its gotta have some deep institutionally based problems.


  1. LOL, and the ONLY proposal Iffy made in this 'economic crisis' was to increase the deficit by changing EI rules to EI 360....and then he backed down that hill.

    Safe to say 'PMSH is wearing this recession very well'.
    I look forward to the September 'report card' what adults call the Economic Update.
    Yet another Iffy trap, a trap Iffy himself will spring.

  2. The fact remains Canadians are not buying the carpetbagger who is proving with his every utterance that he is not fit to be PM. PM Harper out polls Iggy on virtually every major issue. Iggy was interesting when he first arrived on the scene but Canadians do not see much political substance behind the man. His performance at the end of the last session hurt him badly. If he trys it in the fall he will become a laughing stock.

  3. Chretien, Kinsella and David Herle all agreed that June was the right time to take Harper out. I can't recall any high profile Libs going public with the opposite point of view.

    Iggy had a lot of the planets alligned for a June vote, probably the most important one being that monthly job losses were quite high. He had the Opps on side over EI-360, and had a half-assed narrative to take into the campaign.

    But now that is all thrown away. His credibility has taken a big hit--he's obviously no tough guy, and he's all talk when it comes to "advocating" for the unemployed. Who is going to believe him when he next makes threating noises about an election ? And who is going to believe him when he advocates for some other policy or disadvantaged group ?

    I tell ya, I would NOT want to be a Liberal strategist. Meanwhile, Harper's strategy and narrative almost writes itself.

    Iggy-desperately seeking talking points !

    Calgary Junkie

  4. Iggy-desperately seeking talking points !

    Calgary Junkie, Ignatieff and the liberal party have "How many liberal medias and reporters to help him out including FIFE, TABER, OLIVER, CBC, CTV etc......? Many! so why bother to think when he has his secretaries around. Plus, Ignatieff said that "he has no intentions of wearing the recession on his shoulders" yet they want to take credit for the recovery.

  5. Here's a case in point: Jim Travers writes in Saturday’s Star that the Liberals blew their best chance by not forcing a summer election:

    “In hindsight, that Liberal moment came and went in late June. With key advisers urging their new main man to seize the twin advantages of rising popularity and a sagging economy, Michael Ignatieff looked in the mirror and blinked.”

    The Liberals and their media enablers are obviously a little down in the mouth about the latest economic news.