Monday, July 20, 2009

Say it Ain't So: The EI Crisis Wasn't Real?

Paul Wells notices there's not a lot of desire to actually push EI reform. Mr. Wells points the finger at both parties, but the fact of the matter this was a "crisis" created entirely by Iggy. My comment at his site:

It was always nothing but a pretext to do some chest thumping by Iggy-show the country he's not some wimp like Dion was perceived to be. Harper called his bluff which created a twofer for the CPC: in the immediate term it forced Iggy to back down, thus doing the precise opposite the faux machismo was supposed to accomplish.

But it also forced Iggy to "put up" something tangible down the road. Iggy's tried to stay as far away from concrete positions as possible, content instead to hurl criticism from the sidelines. Without a firm policy (on anything) he's not willing to take a stand, even on the only trigger issue he's identified since taking on the opp leadership.

Well we're now down that road, and his original bluster is looking even worse than when he first backed down. Perhaps tackling real life issues in a political meat grinder in an atmosphere of intense political animosity, is a tad more difficult than wowing wide eyed recent high school grads on the latest abstract theory du jour in a completely controlled academic cocoon.


  1. "Iggy's tried to stay as far away from concrete positions as possible, content instead to hurl criticism from the sidelines."

    Iggy thus breaks Paul Wells 4th rule of politics:

    "The guy who auditions for the role of opposition leader will get the job"

    Iggy should be presenting himself as a PM in waiting. This means, among other things, he should be advocating and explaining his policies. Iggy is going to, at some point in the next campaign, get the same question Steve Murphy posed to Dion: "...what would YOU do if you were PM ?". And if he responds with the pie-in-the-sky stuff about "east-west electricity grids", then he is going to fail in that interview. My 5th rule for Wells would be: "You can't nitpick your way into power".

    Calgary Junkie

  2. According to Liberals Iggy will not reveal his policies for fear the Conservatives will steal them. Yeah right! There are no policies other than the failed policies of the past like Kelowna Accord, national daycare, cap and tax (carbon tax) a chicken in every pot. Of course along the way they will only announce policies that are within provincial jurisdiction. Iggy is in for a rude awakening this fall. He thinks he got something out of Harper by getting an early opposition day. What that does is put the carpetbagging leader of the Libs on trial again. Canadians will not want an election simply based on the fact Iggy wants to be PM. In fact they are rapidly growing very tired of this arrogant elitist.