Friday, July 31, 2009

Iggy Set to Attack Harper on (insert headline of the day here)

It looks like this week it's swine flu preparedness.

Formulating and defending a comprehensive policy on how to better run the country than the folks in charge: hard

Pointing fingers from the sidelines about the latest issue to grab the headlines: as easy as pie


  1. Dr Bennett can find what she is looking for here:

    But she already knew that.
    Someone should remind her and her unelected leader, that the Provinces deliver healthcare,
    and their preparedness plans are on the Govt website too.

    Oh, and :
    "In terms of the availability of vaccine, any Canadian who wants the vaccine or needs it will be able to receive the vaccine come the fall."

  2. They don't bother to read the news.... the just depend on the liberal MSM to tell them what to say..... Remember Pablo! Bob Fife was on our local station tonight... living in Nova Scotia, he was asked about wafergate. He reported, it was all but over, the Conservatives would like to keep it going, they seem to think it was a liberal either in Iggy's group or the Premier of NB group, but there is no way they will find out!. It was Robert fife who reported this, but of course, being a liberal, he can say anything he wants, no one will make him take a lie detecting test....or hound the heck out of him! He sort of acted as if it all was new to him! TYPICAL LIBERAL - SAY ONE THING ONE DAY - SOMETHING ELSE THE NEXT!