Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why the Liberals Will Lose Badly

Absent a major scandal, the party in waiting must explain why they should be in power, not simply criticize the sitting government. The burden is always greater, the closer you are to the previous election.

Given that the last election was just a year ago and the fact that Canada is faring far better than other countries in this worldwide recession, particularly as compared to our neighbors to the South, Iggy has a seemingly impossible task.

In this context Canadians will have little patience for Iggy's grand reason to force an elction: "Because I want to be in power".


  1. I had enough of Iggy shenanigans.Ill vote agin for Harper and if the Tories lose that will be it for me for voting.Why?Because Canada is so partisan to the left it isnt funny.No point in voting when the media is cheerleading liberals all the time and cant even admit any conservative accomplishments.Accomplishments with a minority govt to boot.


  2. Already the French media and the English media in Quebec are slanting their headlines towards Iggy and the Liberals and printing nice pictures of Ignatieff. Harper of course has a grim picture with the Conservatives said to be "furieux" (furious) about having to have an election. See the Journal de Montréal this morning and the (Montreal) Gazette.

  3. At todays presser with Igg, the last question didnot get answered and CTV ladi it down later that it will be brought up again if he refuses to respond again.
    THe question?
    Iggy says the government must do something about the huge deficit, but when pressed to provide how a liberal government would do it, he did the peekaboo and sasid wait and see.
    This guy is Martin allover again. Expounds ad infinatum with grand rhetoric, and big general terms, but when it comes to details they are scant ot non-existant.

  4. Why must the liberals answer their media- they both together support each other no matter the outcome.

    A few months ago Robert FIFE tried to ask BOB RAE a question; guess what folks, Bob Rae to him to 'shut up' and the amazing but sickening part of it is that Fife was thrilled with the comment. HOW DEPRESSING.

    The media created their monster they will live by it while we watch.

    None of the reporters can get a straight forward answer from the liberals. what we hear instead is 'its not my fault' it is the harper government or mulroney or you or me or our fault'

    The only time we will be at peace is when we have a brand new media-the ones we have are not ours they belong, speak for show support for the liberals.