Saturday, November 21, 2009

Purely Coincidental I'm Sure

In the world of blogging, the Hadley affair has gone viral on the conservative side. Stunning revelations abound. On the other hand, old media is in lock down mode over the story. Now head on over to Liblogs and see that there's nary a peep. In fact, all of the issues covered there, appear to mirror what you see in any of the old media news aggregators.

Both liberal bloggers and old media's views on what should be exposed appear to be perfectly aligned. Funny that.


  1. The MSM and the liblogs are one and the same. It's just that the MSM has more costly and technologically advanced equipment with which to get the message out.

  2. If the MSM were so 'high tech' they seem to be stuck in the TRUDEAU'S era. Even Afghanistan is comming out of the dark decades. Do you really think they want to stay in the 70's.
    BTW, all that high tech which the MEDIA rely on are outdated, their pencils have not been used far less sharpened and the notebooks well, came from their high school days. When it comes to intelligence, well, that too got wasted if corruption thievery abuse of the E.I. funds etc is considered normal but what the conservatives do is wrong-the media has a problem. It is not a media and never will be.
    If we can get the facts etc etc and those dull idiots can't, that too tell us they do not work for the nation but liberals only.
    Liberals don't want 'high tech' media reporters; it makes them uneasy-they want 'people to pretend they are reporters.
    Lets take a look, when was the last time a liberal gave a straight forward answer- they can't, that's why these 'pretend' reporters take whatever mumbo jumbo answer the liberals give and turn into a sensational once a upon time story. The liberals also can say 'boo' with you standing at the background listening in, and the next morning you will read a full page article from that very one word. Again, the reporters know how to sensionalize a crappy answer. Why? it makes the return feel good on the outside but inside, they feel sick to be treated like garbage.

  3. We can hope that since China won't get the free cash now,that they toss that useless puke Mo Strong back into the West so's he can stand trial for "Food for Oil" scam with his UN buddies.
    Nothing would do my heart better than knowing Mo was rotting his last years away in a damp cell.

  4. Really Anonymous?, Where is the pathetic liberal media in all of this- let me guess- consoling the liberals? or inventing some story which never happened; to keep you in some suspense that isn't there- a manipulation, so well perfected throughout the years.