Saturday, November 28, 2009

One-Stop Chart to Kill Any "Arctic Ice is Melting" Conversation

Updated daily, this chart is rather stunning. In short, there appears to be no pattern of sea ice melting...other than seasonal.

Yeah, those pictures of melting ice the media loves to show you? That's what we in the colder countries call SPRING.


  1. Maybe now, since climate-gates hide the decline has been exposed,
    some of these contrary scientists will be heard.

    I predict all those undeveloped countries that have so far been resisting signing any GW agreement,
    will be rushing to Copenhagen to sign on the dotted line, in fear they will lose billions in GW fraud bucks.

    Of course, just like Kyoto, promises will be broken, but only after Billions changed hands.

  2. I'm not so sure the money will flow this time around.

    The main bankroller, the US, won't be paying a dime. Obama will talk a good game, but there's no chance cap and trade will pass the senate.

  3. Yes it will be interesting to see how the great Obama is going to play this farce. He desparately wanted his Cap & Trade legislation in place so he could go to Copenhagen waving the Neville Chamberlain "green" flag and be seen as the world saviour , and then he could force the rest of the world to pay import duties so it could finance his debt !

  4. If the environuts want to see how fast something can melt they had better watch their global warming snowball when it hits the U.S. Congress. To continue with the analogy: it doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell. Thank the stars there are some sane people left in this world.