Thursday, November 26, 2009

MSM Covering Climategate...Unintentionally in the Comment Boards

Imagine a restaurant, where almost all of the customers sit down order a drink, and instead of buying a meal off of the menu, take out a meal they've brought in from the outside.

Imagine further that the customers are uniformly bringing the same meal, and that they're overtly telling the restaurant owner they would like that meal added to the menu. But the owner ignores the customers.

It sounds surreal doesn't it. But that's precisely the type of bizarre relationship the media is having with its readers on the climategate issue.

Take a look at this CBC story, carrying on about AGW, then look at what the readers in the comments are bringing to the table (hit a some of the older pages to get a real flavor).

Detached would be an understatement. Completely oblivious sounds a little closer to the mark.


  1. Beautiful analogy!

  2. its like the the soundtrack from movie A is playing while they show movie B

  3. I think we need Fox News in Canada.

  4. The train has left the station,
    CBC is left standing on the platform.....

    With the global recession devastating economies,
    and undeveloped countries resisting the required slow down to developement in addressing GW,
    countries will latch onto the 'science fraud' as a way to postpone action...

  5. FOX CANADA IS WARRANTED. I would not trust CBC CTV with my dog.
    CBC is for, always will be for the Liberals and the Taliban.
    Canadians, well, just go to the blogs.

  6. Oblivious would mean to be ignorant. CBC is conducting a coverup of AGW fraud while they continue to promote AGW propaganda.

    They are in lockdown mode right now. My guess is that they will try to ride the coverup until Copenhagen passes, and Obama signs on.

  7. Copenhagen will not pass. Obama will come out smiling his ****-eating grin, but with most of it spread on his face.

  8. Ward, they are absolutely intentionally spiking this story.

    I think they still think that AGW "skeptics" are a small radical fringe group though and not the majority (according to two recent polls in the US and UK).

    It's elitist groupthink, and it will be the death of their industry.