Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No Easy Answers for the Liberals

I`ve written before about the quandary facing the Liberals, one that existed well before their current drop in the polls, masked by a fractured right under Chretien. While the Liberals were busy occupying the mushy middle, the ideological ground on the right was unified by the current CPC while the NDP has solidified its hold on the left.

Now the Liberals have nowhere to go - not without consequences that is. Move to the right and they cede ground to the NDP. Move to the left and they lose their Red Torys. This quandary is now fully evident with Iggy`s absence of any concrete agenda. Trapped, the Liberals are forced to chase headlines and jump from one faux scandal to the next.

Some time ago, I predicted that the end result could be the rise of the NDP as the true alternative to the CPC. While the gains by both the NDP and the CPC in these by-elections are by no means conclusive, they seem to have caused the punditocracy to start to take note of this dynamic.

One thing is certain, there are no easy answers for the Liberals.


  1. There are no easy answers for the Liberals however that won't stop them from trying to find one.

  2. Didn't you hear the great Donolo's master plan?
    He's advising the liberals to disenfranchise the NDP and try to make them irrelevant.
    Sounds like his plan is to stop the belief that Jack could occupy the OLO before it starts taking root among those voters they always ask to lend their vote each election.