Saturday, November 28, 2009

IPCC Fosters "Authoritarian and Exclusive Form of Knowlege Production"

Stated by some right wing AGW "denialist"? Actually, that was Mike Hume, professor at the epicenter of it all - University of East Anglia. He goes onto admit that the IPCC is pretty much finished, "run it's course" to use his more delicate words.

A stunning revelation that is now being widely reported by the mainstream press around the world....just having a bit of fun with you, the media is still in lock down mode on this, it's covered by Andrew Bolt's blog for Austrailia's Herald Sun (one of the best sources for climategate info).

Check out the link, there's lots of other new revelations there.

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  1. Help me out here. The true believers are saying the hacked emails have been cherry-picked by deniers to make the the global warming look bad. Does anybody know which emails would make global warming look good?