Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Customer is Always Right...Except in the Media Business

There's a saying in business that the customer is always right. A restaurant telling its customers that the food really does taste good, in response to complaints about poor quality won't be in business for long. All viable businesses follow this basic principle.

Emphasis on the word "viable".

Yesterday a blog story went "viral" - the Hadley data leak. Small Dead Animals is one of the best places to follow it, but the story is pretty much everywhere. Except in old media.

That hundreds of blogs and their millions of readers are flocking to this story is proof of the interest in it (never mind that it goes to the heart of a theory that seeks to redefine our worldwide economic relations - something of fundamental importance to all Western citizens).

It seems the media is trying to tell us this foul dish really does taste good.


  1. Don't expect the Canadian media to report this - they were conned into supporting the left wing scam and will defend their decision to the death - they aren't known for their character or ethics.

  2. That is why I send them a message in the only way that I still have the power over, advertising.

    Turning off the channel, not purchasing the newspaper or magazine, certainly makes me feel better but that isn't enough. DO NOT purchase the product that are advertised with their medium. Add to that, e-mail or write the advertiser telling them that you have ceased purchasing their product and why.

    Superstore (Loblaws i.e. Galen), for example should have a huge target on it's head for climate change challengers and is a perfect place to start and I get giddy knowing that I drive miles to avoid them, for everything.

  3. "It is not our fault, it is the conservatives for not attending to things which we liberals did not see too nor attended years ago."

    This is basically the tune the liberals sing.
    And instead of the Tom clarks, tabers, olivers, heberts, tell the liberals: "Excuse me, come again with that story-are you suggesting that the things you failed to attend too when you had thirteen years or more to see too is now the Conservative fault. Who do you think we are? stupid, dimwits.?
    Sadly, no such comments from the host media ever came about.