Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Fall of Old Media Continues Unabated

While Americans must get real fact checking on the costs of Obamacare from the CATO Institute (and "reported" by blogs), the AP assigns 11 (eleven) reporters to fact check Palin's new book.

Among the important discrepancies discovered was the claim that Palin did not frequent expensive hotels while governor, DEBUNKED!!! by the uncovered facts that she stayed in expensive hotels a grand total of four nights. Mark Steyn's hilarious take on this here.

As for fact checking the cost of a program imposed by the state that will radically alter its relationship with its citizenry and change the makeup of the entire economy? Old media has far more important things to cover....and far more important people to cover up for.

1 comment:

  1. PALIN: "If you stand at a certain point in Alaska you will be able to see the shore lines of Russia".

    Comedian Tina Fey: "I can see Russia from my window."

    News reporter packs her bag and off to Russia to investigate whether Palin can see Russia from her window.
    When a reporter is that ignorant to follow a comedian comments, you can just imagine what else the reporter doesn't know.

    In canada we have the new and improve THE GATE MEDIA REPORTERS- GATE KEEPERS.