Saturday, November 28, 2009

AGW Theory...Basic Science Free

While we witness the meltdown at East Anglia and elsewhere, let's not lose site of the big picture. The computer models predicted ten or so years ago that the Earth would be in a relative inferno by now. Instead, to the frustration of the modellers, worldwide temperatures have not risen. Yet we are told the theory and models are still valid. It appears AGW theory goes something like this:

I predict the model will show X. If it does show X, my theory is correct.

If it doesn't show X, my theory is still correct.

If it shows the opposite of X, my theory is still correct, and you're a heretic for being skeptical of it.

1 comment:

  1. The volume of comments on MSM websites that have addressed this issue compared to the articles that don't is a good sign.

    If they ignore it then they continue to demonstrate their irrelevance.

    Actually, they have jumped the shark.
    This is a story that puts 'local tv' in a harsh light.
    If ever there was a story that begged for a local voice it is this.