Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Follow the Internals

Harper should follow his heart, and his internals polls, but mostly the internals.

Internal polling is expensive but far more accurate than the public press versions. If they show majority territory, he should pull the pin. If not, he should play nice.

It's that simple.


  1. As a Canadian and a conservative, I don't want an election. That's the poll.

    If he ignores that poll and based on how the troika spin things and suck in their left wing friendly media, we will pay at the polls.

    No election, kids!

  2. There will be a third vote that tells the story.
    It's all up to Jack.
    Iffy and Duceppe both said they will vote against the government on the Liberal report card confidence motion on Sept 28.

    note, for the Report Card to be a vote of confidence, the government has to announce that it is a matter of confidence. It's not up to the Liberals.

  3. "the government has to announce that it is a matter of confidence."

    I have a feeling the government will declare it so and the Liberals will wear the election call.

    They aren't running ads for nothing.

  4. "....and the Liberals will wear the election call."

    With who? This is such a fine line and I am convinced that the loser Liberal media, are bought and paid for now.
    It's not about who's right as in correct but who's got the BIGGEST, uh huhs.
    The Liberals are not paying attention to polling, values, morals, the Canadian will but since when did that ever stop them from being complete power hungry dicks.

  5. If Harper pulls the pin, that blows to smithereens his narrative that "Canadians don't want an election". The backlash on us could be fierce.

    He's playing this just right. As he told his staff a few months ago: "The longer I'm Prime Minister, the longer I'm Prime Minister".

    He's probably going to be defeated on Flaherty's budget. Which in many ways is better, because then Iggy will be pressured by the media to put up a (less detailed) counter-budget. After all, he "can do better", right ? Iggy would much prefer talking his 'big Canada' tripe.

    I know he's uncomfortable talking numbers. About a year ago, he made another dumb self-deprecating comment when asked about equalization. He admitted he knew next to nothing about it, and he said it in (what he thought) was a funny way.

  6. You and I are playing on the same fiddle CJ. Optics are everything and although the polls are in our favour, so what?

    Canadians do not want an election. The opposition does and it needs to play out in exactly the way they have initiated (effed??) it up.

  7. CJ, Canadians never want an election, but you are right, they likely hate the idea even more than usual.

    Canadians pay little attention to the daily maneuvers that pundits do.

    If Harper declares the next vote one of confidence, and Canadians wake up to the sight of Iggy and crew voting down the gov't on Canada AM, I highly doubt they will blame the Conservatives for Iggy's choice.