Sunday, September 20, 2009

You're Not in Kansas Any More Dorothy

Iggy's taken personal offence. He's worried he's being portrayed as "stupid".

A neutral observer, or even a partisan one lacking extreme narcissistic tendencies, would likely conclude the Conservatives (like all political entities since time immemorial) are attempting to exploit an opponents recent political miscalculation in order to advance their party's interests.

Not Iggy. Iggy thinks its really all about him - a personal attack on his intellect.

Someone in the Liberal party should advise the professor that he's left the the world of having wide-eyed college juniors dazzled by that insulated academic "brilliance" and has entered the bloodsport of politics.

You're not in Kansas any more Dorothy.


  1. Great column/blog, right on the money.

  2. Does this sound smart to you?

    No criticism is to be allowed of Iffy but it is perfectly fine for his egoness to portray Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe as a couple of characters in a fairy tale or call them socialists and separatists. The very same names that he held a press conference to criticize the PM about using not so long ago, saying they were divisive.

  3. I'm still waiting for an example of his dazzling brilliance . So far I haven't needed the polarised sunglasses . I just watched him on ctv's question period . Does he think Canadians are stupid ? Does he think that we all sit on the edge of our chairs breathlessly waiting for his golden words contradicting himself every time he speaks ? If anybody thinks he's stupid , he isn't going out of his way to prove them wrong .

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