Friday, September 25, 2009

Iggy's Answer is Blowing in the Wind

You say Iggy is taking a stand on Cauchont not running Outremont? Get with it. Like, that was soooo eighteen hours ago.


  1. Well I'll give Iffy this,
    he's flip flopping at breakneck speed,
    compared to the 6 months it took him to decide that going into coalition with the BLOC would be divisive.

  2. Hold on a sec guys. I'm still not clear on what's going to happen.

    First, it's only annonymous "party insiders" that are being quoted. I still gotta hear it from the horse's mouth.

    And second, Iggy is supposedly allowing an "open nomination contest" in Outremont. OK fine, then Ms. Le Prohon could run in that contest, right ? She won't necessarily accept the Jeanne-Le Ber riding. I need a lot more clarification of this latest clarification.

    Calgary Junkie

  3. I've just had a wicked thought - Ignatieff brought a Phd to a gun fight. He forgot the lessons of the "Untouchables", hit them harder than they hit you. Ignatieff should have turfed Cauchon and his supporters from caucus. Cheers

  4. I bet there is alot more to this story than we are hearing.
    It's Quebec politics after all.

  5. Quebec is Ignegatives only chance or hope , growing fainter every day , of forming even a minority . Now they know how easily he can be manipulated it might actually improve his chances .

  6. Don't be surprise that Ignatieff do take the liberals 'down with him' which he can do easily.
    Remember he once said that Canada was disgusting ao you can imagine the LPOC very own corruption being exposed to the world.
    That is if the liberals do try to get rid of him.

  7. NNW has an article, Liberal Follies, that gives us long forgotten info re this fight. I never knew that Cauchon ran against Brian and was defeated, many years ago. And imagine, he started out as a butler in the Demaris household and that is where he met Chretain.