Friday, September 11, 2009

Iggy: My Solomn Declarations and Public Statements are to be Ignored...Except the One's I'm Making Right Now

Iggy today:

"In January, we did not support a coalition, and we do not support a coalition today or tomorrow,"

In other words, "ignore my signature on the coalition agreement." A signature being different than a mere statement or utterance mind you. It is a solemn act of agreeing to be bound to what you are signing and has been the principal means by which mankind has bound the author for centuries. Perhaps Iggy's signature was taken out of context, or given under duress or coercion?

To the contrary, here are Iggy's public statements at the time:

“I’m prepared to form a coalition government, and to lead that government and to provide Canada with the security and stability it needs.” (Ottawa Citizen, December 11, 2008)

“I told the caucus this morning very clearly I am prepared to vote non-confidence in this government and I am prepared to enter into a coalition with our partners if that is what the Governor General asks me to do,” Ignatieff said (Canadian Press, December 10, 2008)

(Footnote: The link is from the CBC, which simply parrots Iggy's recent statement without mentioning these pesky little contextual statements.)

Update: Video from ST


  1. I just caught the end of the newest CPC ad re the coalition, and how it would affect the recovery. It was on Business News Network. I think it used the same vide clip that Stephen Taylor has up.

    Calgary Junkiie

  2. According to Ignatieff it is an insult to call the NDP socialists and "there has not been a socialist in the NDP for 30 years".

    Oh Yeah?

  3. Perhaps Iggy simply mis-signed the coalition document

  4. Gee, missed this Hill Times article, Sept 8:

    Says the decay of decorum is mostly attributable to the media.

    The 39th Parliament—in which Stephen Harper has attained a new record for the longest-running minority government in Canadian history

    "Harper has done a better job with a minority Conservative government ... than any other Conservative minority, better than Diefenbaker, better than [Joe] Clark, except for Diefenbaker from '57 to '58, which was phenomenal.