Thursday, September 3, 2009

Iggy's First Specific Policy Position: Keeping Harper's Policy

Harper with the chess moves. Iggy vow's to take down Harper at the first opportunity so Harper's first confidence vote will on the ultra-popular home reno tax credit.

The result? Iggy, who has been criticized for not offering specifics on what he'd do differently, is forced to make his first specific campaign promise - keeping Harper's program.


  1. Iggy, tell me again why you are voting against Canada's Economic Action Plan?

    Are you voting for us or just yourself?

  2. Ignatieff is stealing a play from Darrell Dexter in NS, I'm going to stick with the governments plan on the economy, but "we can do better".

  3. So they want to force an election which will delay the legislation everyone wants, and then they plan to introduce the same legislation after all that money is wasted on an election nobody wants.

    Yeah, that makes sense.

  4. We can do better, yes we can, we can get a majority for PMSH.