Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time to Focus on Growth not Unemployment Benefits

While Canada's biggest debate right now is about how much more we should be giving the unemployed and in what manner, over in Sweden they're taking a different approach, which also happens to be the correct one: they're lowering taxes in order to create jobs. They have learned that a high cost bureaucracy and high taxes leads to lower employment.

The more the Canadian debate is focused on the back end of the problem, the less political capital there is to expend on the front end - creating conditions where employers feel comfortable hiring more people. The back end - benefits, entitlements, redistribution - is the realm of the left.

It's time to turn the channel and focus on some core conservative principles. Principles that will lead to long term growth. It's time to cut taxes.

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  1. from the article:
    'It's an interesting comparison: Sweden experimented with the nanny state, learned that it was devastating to the economic and moral health of its people, and is moving back toward individualism.'

    In his speech to US/Cdn business, PMSH mentioned more tax cuts....