Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Left Sneering At the "Tims" Crowd

Harper is going back to conservative roots which I suggested be done last week - lowering taxes, focusing on long term growth - while at the same time re-staking out his populist "Tim Horton's" position.

It was as if he were daring the liberal elite to sneer down their noses at the common folk, thereby ensconcing him in his chosen position.

As if on cue, the liberal elite, obliges nicely. Leading the way is Susan Delacourt's mocking of Harper's "donut" announcement which she asserted was now "fodder"....

"for research about how politicians see us now as shoppers/eaters now instead of educated citizens. Thanks, PM."

How "uneducated" of Harper to concentrate on a Canadian business success story in the midst of a worldwide recession instead of being "educated" by the likes of the leaders of Iran, Sudan, Cuba and Libya.


  1. Seems like a pretty good day for PM Harper.
    He did not need to be in New York to not attend a speech and was able to put the spotlight on an iconic Corporation returning to Canada for business reasons.

  2. Yesterday was a very good day for Harper and the country. Walking out on the Iranian President followed by the U.S. showed leadership by the PM.
    Let the Liberal elites sneer at the Tim Horton crowd. It is the latter who will have the last laugh.
    As for Delacourt she is one of the most biased anti Harper people working in the Canadian media. Who cares what she has to say. Maybe she will become Ignegative's press secretary in the near future.

  3. Delacourt is a Liberal boot licker.Most reporters used to say they bled ink..she bleeds shoe polish.

  4. Chess vs checkers...can't wait for an election...but not yet. Watching Iggy implode and the seams of his party pulling so hard apart that the glue holding them together is disintegrating before our eyes...I'll patiently wait for Iggy to decide. He just doesn't get it though and he definitely doesn't know who he's dealing with.

  5. "He just doesn't get it though and he definitely doesn't know who he's dealing with."

    No, I agree with you, he does not get it.

    People like him haven't the perceptive instinct nor aptitude required, to take on the strategic instincts of a guy like the PM.

  6. And the prize for the most ridiculously named political book of the last century goes to ... drum roll ... the envelope please ...

    Susan Delacourt for her book on Paul Martin, titled Juggernaut

    for the record, the definition is:
    "a massive inexorable force that seems to crush everything in its way". Yep, that about sums up Paul Martin.

    Her next book on Michael Ignatieff--First I take Harvard, then I take Ottawa

    Calgary Junkie

  7. Jeffrey Simpson's "The Friendly Dictator" has to be a runner-up to Delacourt's paper weight.

    I remember Simpson gushing about a Liberal Party so dominant, it was not only destined to be the permanent governing party, but also the defacto opposition as represented by the Chretien-Martin "battle of ideas" inside the Liberal Party.

  8. I would bet more Canadians have been to a Tim Hortons than have heard of dinnerjacket.