Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Iggy, Like Dion But With Less Influence

So notwithstanding Iggy's vow to take down the government, we appear to be avoiding an election yet again. Iggy's recent appearance of bona fides in wanting to take down the CPC may be worse than the waffling and faux blustering of late. It serves as a stark reminder that he leads a party that's in a distant second to the CPC, unable to affect an outcome absent both of the other oppo parties' consent, and apparently unable to secure that consent when required.

He's just along for the ride. How unbecoming a man of such greatness.

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  1. Biff, would you show the lpoc protectionist media that the prime minister has been negotiating trade agreements with foreign nations. PM is not a fool, he knows how the Democrat protectionists closed the borders on our lumber and cattle FOR YEARS and which tooK to resolve under the CPC and REP.

    I don't think that deep down the prime minister trust the protectionist in the united states that is he went ahead making agreements with other countries. In fact Biff, the CHINESE want to invest in our oil-sands and you know the millions we will generate in revenue.

    Trusting the canadian liberals own protectionist media to say anything positive is like waiting for them to ask their LPOC to return the millions of dollars.
    I will try to send an email to TOM CLARK to prove to canadians that the prime minister is not doing business overseas.