Friday, September 11, 2009

Liberals: Believe Us, Just Because - Elect Us, Just Because

So to recap:

- Pre last election, the possibility of the Liberals forming a coalition with the Bloc was raised and the Liberals dismissed it outright.

- A few months following the election, the Liberals inked a deal with the Bloc in an effort to take control of the government without an election. It didn't work as Harper shut down parliament.

- An election is again on the horizon and the Liberals are again promising not to form a coalition with the Bloc.

Brazen? Absolutely. Surprising? Given that Iggy's election call appears to be premised on the fact that Canadians will agree to hand the reigns of government over to Iggy for no other reason than Iggy's self-proclaimed superior ability to run the country, no. It's not surprising at all.


  1. Guessing that Iffy promised his Blue MPs that he would under no conditions form a coalition with the BLOC;
    and promised Orange MP Bob Rae that if the conditions were right he would form a coalition with the Dippers.
    Making both promises with his fingers crossed, behind his back.

  2. Great entertainment from the head stooge. Can't wait for the lesser stooges to weigh in. And let's get Jacques Parizeau in there, stirring the pot again too.

    Anybody else feel sorry for the amatuer Iggy, trying to untangle the mess he's gotten into ? No ? Thought not.

    Calgary Junkie

    Calgary Junkie

  3. Jack, hold out for a cabinet post.....other wise, what's Iffy isn't offering that you couldn't get opposing Harper?

  4. errr s/b
    what's Iffy offering that you couldn't get opposing Harper?

  5. Anyone have the video of this attack ad?

    ''French-language TV ads that have begun airing in Quebec show the rookie MP blasting a few volleys of friendly fire at his leader.''

  6. So to recap (before you tried to change the channel from the Conservative record):

    Feb. 5, 2008. “The way to manage this economy through difficult global times is not—as the Liberal Party would do—to drive us into deficit.”

    Oct. 7, 2008. “I know economists will say that we can run a small deficit, but the problem is once you cross that line, as we see in the United States, nothing stops deficits from getting larger and larger and spiralling out of control, and we want to avoid the kind of government, household and trade deficits we see in the United States.”

    Oct. 14, 2008. “We’ll never go back into deficit.”

    Oct. 17, 2008. “I believe, based on everything I’ve seen so far, that there’s no reason why the government of Canada won’t stay in balance, why we can’t maintain a balanced budget this year,” Harper said, speaking after a meeting in Quebec City with French President Nicolas Sarkozy. But for future years, he said it would be premature to say if his government will be able to maintain a surplus. “Others are speculating about future years. I don’t think we’re yet in position to know all the information in that regard and I think it would be premature to speculate on that.”

    Nov. 6, 2008. “One message was very clear. Don’t be afraid to run a deficit if the deficit is in the best interests of the economy.”

    Nov. 24, 2008. “The government of Canada today is in surplus.”

    Nov. 27, 2008. “Mr. Speaker, as I have said many times, Canada is not currently running a deficit and this is thanks to the good management of the Minister of Finance, who will present his economic and fiscal update later today.”

    Dec. 1, 2008. “If we run a deficit of $30 billion in this country, we are running a structural deficit. It took a long time to get out of that problem. We have taken the long-term view, the view that says we have to help Canadian business with the Bank of Canada, with Bill C-50, with ensuring adequate credit in this country. There are more provisions in that regard in the fall economic statement, all good for the country, not running big deficits.”

    Dec. 16, 2008. “We’re going to have to run a deficit, do some spending measures we hadn’t planned on doing, but I think, if we do those things, we should be able to come out of this (economic downturn) pretty strong in due course.”

    Jan. 23, 2009. “I think we’re in a rare time where you need a deficit.”

    Jan. 27, 2009. “There will be no long-running or permanent deficit … As the economy recovers, we fully expect to emerge from deficit and return to surplus within five years.”

    May 14, 2009. “Our deficits will be large, but they will be temporary. In fact, in the short term, they will be as large as they have to be to help us weather this recession. As a country, we can afford it. But only if these deficits are temporary and our stimulus spending ends when the recession ends.”

    May 26, 2009. “We will run a substantial short-term deficit this year which I would estimate at more than $50 billion.”

    June 11, 2009. “Our deficit will be significant but is affordable.”

    June 25, 2009. “If you take out the one-time spending, we have a deficit of only about 1.5% of GDP and we should easily recover from that in the two years following the recession.”

    Brazen? Absolutely. Surprising? Given that Harper will say and do anything to get and keep power any financial budgeting announcement or statement from him appears to be premised on the fact that Canadians will agree to keep the reigns of government Harper for no other reason than Harper's self-proclaimed superior ability to run the country and claiming to be an "economist", no. It's not surprising at all.

  7. "Brazen"? Ted...surely you jest.

    You seem to be posting the same thing all over the Tory blogs.

    As for Iggy's proclamation that their will be no Coalition....well there is more than one way to achieve the objective - 'arrangement' comes to mind.

    Now Ted....seems that since you are so good at quotes - maybe you can find the one where Iggy doesn't rule out an 'arrangement' with the NDP and the Bloc.

    As I said to you before - nice try.

  8. Sept 22, 2008

    "A Liberal government will never put Canada into deficit. Period. We will build a richer Canada by cutting taxes for all Canadian families and businesses, making them more competitive." Dion

    "The Liberal government will not take the country into deficit, full stop," he said. McCallum

    Have all Liberals forgotten that they campaigned on 'no deficit' in the 2008 election campaign?

    Have they forgotten that the GreenShaft was supposed to pay for all the social program shifting so as not to go into deficit?

  9. See my new post.

    There's a world of difference in trying to gauge the economy, and disavowing recent signed agreements and specific statements of intent.

  10. Oct 2008
    'Liberals will continue to put fiscal responsibility first: Our budgets will be balanced.'

    'Jack Layton and the New Democrats will: Introduce and maintain balanced budgets each and every year of a mandate.'

  11. Ted, terry1, gayle, libtrolls

    Try as you might to change the channel from Iggy's statements that he was for a coalition....the points you are attempting to make are falling flat without something fundemental.
    Its the plausibilty factor, whether Iggy says he won't don't mean a damn. See his past behaviour has shown he changes mind,after telling everyone his decision was final. Add to that his explaination that he only signed the coalition agreement to not publically oppose the leadership, even though he thought it was a bad idea. Thats called acting in bad faith.
    He had a chance right then and there to make a clean break from the coalition, but he choose otherwise....he had a choice and he demonstrated the nerves of a true nancyboy.
    Now its a real plausibility that he would form a coalition no matter what he says now.
    He's changed his mind many times in the past on major issues, he's proven to make bad decisions and blame others for his own miscalculations.
    I would advise you to heed the words of Justin Trudeau, but the young prince also seems to have caught ignatieff ditheritis.

  12. Ted, so I take it you are against running a deficit, and are therefore against any of the stimulus package which is a major contributor to it..and the Liberals would have done what again differently? Run an ever bigger deficit?

    How would you, as a leftist supporter, suggest the rest of us pay for that folly?

    Higher taxes, gutting the military, raiding EI, cutting social transfers?

    These are all things the Liberals HAVE done.They have a track record of this, then lied to Canadians and told them they balanced the books with good fiscal management.Artificial surpluses were created by over taxation and 'creative accounting', the kind in the public sector that gets you major jail time.

    Sure as the sun sets in the west, the Liberals will form a coalition if they feel they have a chance of gaining power, the count's protestations not withstanding.

    I welcome a Conservative govt, if only to finally have all the books opened to see just how corrupt many Liberal politicians are.At that point, I would also look forward to their future incarceration for stealing from the Canadian people. Please feel free to tell your puppet masters that we want our 40 million+ dollars (stolen during the Liberal inspired and executed adscam) back..