Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Academic's Solution: More Questions

About what you'd expect from a man who spent his adult life in academia where there is no need for concrete solutions to concrete problems.


  1. If you think about it - Ignatieff's demands are for "clarification". It really means HE does not understand the issues or even the processes of government. Not Canadians - if we really want to know the status of stimulus spending there is a great interactive website. Answers to lots of his questions? - Go to Hansard.
    If he wants a firm number for five years from now he should consult a crystal ball or pshychic. NOBODY can accurately predict the world's economic future- even Liberal bankers.

    But, this takes the cake and proves my point. Ignatieff said that "the isotope issue is confusing to "Canadians" that he has demanded a TWO PAGE explanation to help CANADIANS understand.

    Cole's notes for Political Dummies?

  2. Perhaps he will 2 pages of, I will not do this, 100 times. He is not in class where he can punish by giving lines to write.
    But, perhaps it is true, he can't understand the problem and wants PMSH to explain it to him.