Friday, June 19, 2009

No "Hope and Change" for Iranians

Krauthammer. Read it all.

During the presidential election those who actually sought to scrutinize, rather than fawn over Obama (much of the media being in the latter category) noted his 130 "present" votes in the Illinois legislature and wondered if he would also take a pass on hard decisions as president.

As Krathammer rightly notes, what's going on in Iran may be the beginning of the end of brutal theocratic rule and a tectonic shift towards democracy in that region. Millions cry out for democracy against rulers who are avowed enemies of the U.S. and whose main export in the region is terrorism and proxy warriors.

And Obama votes "present".


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  1. Obama is a fencesitter. He is an appeaser. His first instinct is to delay and duck. Courage of conviction does not run in the man's veins. Has he ever taken a hard decision in the face of adversity? Right and wrong do not exist in Obama's world - its neutral nuances and let someone else cleanup the mess.