Saturday, June 13, 2009

Iggy's Matrix

There's a very good chance we'll be heading to the polls for a summer election and the answer lies in the truth to those "evil" ads about Iggy:

He came here for one reason only - to lead the country. He'll hold his nose and stay in Canada for that reason, but not to languish in opposition for some indefinite period. Not with that cushy Ivy League job waiting for him on the home front.

While us Canadians savor any prospect of an improving economy, we can imagine that to Iggy such news is like the smell of "humans" to agent Smith in the Matrix - a tortuous reminder of what he has to endure to stay here.

He will only hold his nose for so long.

Update: I see a friend of Biff's Place, Joanne has a different take.


  1. "Canadians need an election like a hole in the head"

    Iffy has a hole in his head if he precipitates an election during a recession,
    when there is NO mass protest of people wanting change change change (except partisan Liberals who have yet to accept the fact, they are not the government).

  2. Do you think that after their next defeat, with many fewer mps and less 1.98/vote the liberals will realize that canadians don't want them back at the trough for decades. Too bad the Ont libs are in the middle of their own adscam to tell us there is no difference between them. Take, Take, Take, that is their mantra.