Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Chart so Telling It Can't be Told

Charts and graphs can be very powerful tools in portraying a lot of data in simple form. A picture is often worth a thousand words. Below you'll find one of the most significant and telling graphs in recent memory. There are two dramatic points of importance to this chart:

1) How definitive it is in showing Obama's stimulus plan to be a failure - not only has the stimulus failed to meet projections, it makes the case that the stimulus has made matters much, much worse; and

2) That you will not likely see this powerful chart anywhere in the mainstream media.

(Everything in blue is from Obama's numbers. Light and dark blue are projections without and with stimulus respectively, and red are the actual numbers.)

(From Powerline)


  1. Have visited but couldn't comment. Thanks for fixing it.
    How much unemployment is O causing by closing dealerships and causing at 50/dealership to lose jobs. I think they thought all that would happen is there would be a few less car lots around. How wrong they are.

  2. I think folks are going to start realizing they were wrong about much of the "hope and change" they were expecting.