Sunday, June 7, 2009

Imagine - The Largest Political Money Laundering Scheme in the Nation's History

I think Sunday will be the day we imagine, over here at Biff's Place. Below we briefly pondered a world in which Iggy wasn't defended by the media, but rather scrutinized the same way (or even a fraction of the way) Harper was when he started out as party head.

Now let's have some real fun imagining. What if the Airbus inquiry wasn't about a $300,000 private payment, but instead involved tens of millions of dollars. And let's imagine further that the funds didn't belong to some overseas businessman but was the taxpayers' money. Heck, let's go further and add in the fact that this taxpayer money was taken under the guise that it had to be spent saving the country from break-up, but instead was funnelled back into a political party for partisan gain.

On to the juicy part: let's pretend that we know that the ill gotten booty- tens of millions of dollars worth - was apportioned to various people in a political regime, not to a defunct party from two decades ago, but involving a party last in power in 2006 and one currently trying to get in power as we speak.

And finally the kicker: let's say that we've never known who were the specific benefactors within the party, but now someone on the inside publicly declares that he will name names.

I wouldn't want to be leading that party when news got out - the grilling would be sheer madness,

I imagine.


  1. Refer to adscam on Liblogs, and you'll get a "yawn". Speaks volumes.

  2. that they got away with it (all the top libs were never exposed) , is in no small part due to the exceptional leeway they are given by the MSM and CBC riddled with politicized liberals, posing as journalists, - this must change

  3. I think you will see others name names in the future as well Biff. Rats tend to turn on each other when push comes to shove. I'm sure Corbeil, Guite, Brault, and a few others aren't to happy about their cohorts hanging them out to dry when the shi% hit the fan.

    And the best part is we get to sit back and enjoy the show.

  4. Rats will come out, but the press so far seems wholly disinterested.

    Was Iggy asked a single question about this latest revelation, anywhere? He's the leader of the party that received the funds.

  5. Has the gag been put on Gagliano? He seemed like one ticked off individual.

    The interesting aspect of the Liberal coronation is that none of the credible guys(/gals, actually can't think of one)would step up for the Leadership. Why?
    As a Conservative, there are a few I could hmmm, accept as putting their country first. Where are they, leadership wise?
    Certainly not campaign trail-wise. They all stooped to the slimy, 'get elected level' in 08.
    What the he!! do they know? I want to know!

  6. Gagliano had a puff piece in the Montreal Gazette last weekend. He isn't bitter, but we taxpayers are.

  7. Gagliano is content now after receiving more government money for his new wine business.

  8. from the article:
    'However, Corbeil says he will reveal who profited from the scam,
    suggesting more names will come out in connection with the scandal that helped to bring down Paul Martin's minority Liberal government in 2006.'

    See, the media thinks that losing power is penalty enough.
    The media will hound a Conservative into the grave,
    but a Liberal...nah
    Just like Dion thought Cote being kicked out of the party for a few years was penalty enough.

    Cote can name names, but wasn't asked (as far as I know).
    Cote gave 12 Liberal candidates $120,000 of stolen taxpayer's money, in $100 bills, slipped into envelopes and into Liberal pockets.

  9. Ya and we tolerate a 14+million dollar inquiry because of 300 thousand, give or take 75.

    What a travesty.
    Are they hypnotizing journalist students to be robotic bowling pins?
    Where are the questions and answers? Why are they so disinterested? Were they a part of it, somehow? Is it like a game of Jamaican dominoes? (Now that IS cool!)

  10. I guess that is why Iffy is supposed to save the LPC, he was out of the country for 34 years,
    knows NOTHING about Adscam,
    mr. clean comes to the rescue.

  11. To MUCH HAIR for Mr Clean...way to much! Ha!

  12. If it hadn't been for the liberal civil war we never would have heard anything about it.

  13. Harper wasn't analysed excessively - he simply hadn't accomplished anything in his life that would have put him on record very much, other than being a political backroom boy. And of course, the ridiculous statements he made while a right-wing lobbyist are all, apparently, far too old and not newsworthy (to you kool-aid drinkers).

    Seems to me that the disgusting Adscam business was aired massively here with all-day tv coverage on all the networks, and of course, because a few slimeballs happened to be Libs, all Libs are slimeballs,right? Just as all people from BC are mass murderers because Clifford Olson was from there.

    Harper has had a very easy ride over the last few years with most newspapers endorsing him, featuring mostly conservative writers, and most of them were justifiably tired of the Libs after so long.

    That may start to turn soon as we see what happens when we don;t appear to have grownups running the country - we have things like ambulance chaser cum finance minister Flaherty non-chalantly saying "oops - deficit is 50% higher than I said a few weeks ago" without providing any rationale or further forward guidance. Time for the angry petulant children to go to the woodshed...

  14. "Harper wasn't analysed excessively - he simply hadn't accomplished anything in his life that would have put him on record very much, other than being a political backroom boy."

    Actually NO. Stephen Harper, was and is, subtle and NEVER, a 'back room boy', ha! He is and never has been a, 'show boy' or 'attention grabber'. Dignified and mature, far beyond his years, at a very early stage of his political career.

    Your opinion on accomplishment would require you to investigate or experience. Clearly you have done none of the above. Childish and irrelevant comments, clearly give you away.

    Most of us that comment at BT, have spent endless hours investigating and in particular, Michael. We can say what we say, with a clear and informed opinion, based on our own research, that HE provided.

    Stephen Harper, to his credit and intelligence, saw what the Canadian media, was capable of at a very early stage in his career.
    They have not let him down with their 'toilet break journalism' to name just one.

    I'll have my blue koolaid and you should have your red or green but you should remember, yours will need a shot.
    I get mine pure and original. Thanks.

  15. "Flaherty non-chalantly saying "oops - deficit is 50% higher than I said a few weeks ago" without providing any rationale or further forward guidance."

    Guess you missed the extra cost of the auto bailout news conference held by Flaherty and, gasp, Ontario LIBERAL finance minister Dwight Duncan.

    I'm sure next you will want to bring up TD economist Don Drummond's latest prediction on the size of the deficit. Of course Drummond predicted a $39 billion deficit end of March, so he missed by $11 billion, just a little less than Flaherty.

    Hey, who is it that Ignatieff is consulting for the Liberal economic platform? Some guy named Don Drummond.

  16. Wow, you guys sure get defensive of your little pals, don't you.

    Flaherty's continual misjudgement is staggering and almost unprecedented. He is simply not on top of his portfolio - way out of his depth. As someone who works in finance (private equity), such performance is not usually rewarded.

    Flaherty has access to much more information that Drummond, if he would choose to stay on top of it. I'd take Drummond as a finance minister in a heartbeat over the ambulance chaser.

    Who said anything about Dwight Duncan? It shows your incredibly juvenile approach to politics (and actually compeltely underscores my argument)that you assume I applaud his efforts because he is a LIBERAL (to use the big, easier to read letters that are easier for you to understand).

    Yeesh. Back to the sandbox for you.

  17. No one is saying ALL Liberals are slime balls.
    We are saying that those responsible for Adscam, come from the top of the LPC, and have not been charged.
    And they should be!

    Canadians are not stupid anon.
    They know
    1. the recession was not created in Canada
    2. the coalition of losers forced PMSH to dole out billions in stimulus, beyond what is necessary
    3. no one on the planet, no economist, group or fortune teller predicted the speed and depth of this recession.

    Iffy will not be handed the PM's job in the same way the Liberals cowered in the corner while Iffy seized the Lib leadership.

    Liberals will have to win government, with a plan, vision and the experience (Iffy has none) to give Canadians confidence they can pull it off.

    It's a long way from 77 seats to government, especially if Libs are banking on Quebec.

    After that ridiculus circus of a coalition of losers that Iffy signed on to,
    he will have to be definite with Canadians in the next election...'coalition if necessary' crap won't fly a second time around.

    Perhaps Iffy has burned his coalition bridge with the Dippers, or maybe Jack can be bought with a couple of cabinets seats.

  18. Oh yeah, and to "Bec" - pure and original - perhaps if your version of "conservatism" means you are in favour of spending like an out of control drunk before the recession hit and blowing all of our surplus on marginal little vote-buying schemes.

    Martin gov't spent too much at the end of their term and in comes Harper and he doubles the rate of growth of gov't spending - three times the rate of inflation. Completely irresponsible and old school politics at its worst. Strange that you seem so proud of it.

    Yeah, that

  19. "Flaherty has access to much more information that Drummond, if he would choose to stay on top of it. I'd take Drummond as a finance minister in a heartbeat over the ambulance chaser."

    And with that you whole argument falls to pieces. Government projections are made from forecasts from banks and economists. That data is gathered and averaged out for the projections for both quarters and fiscal years.

    One would think someone who works in finance would know that.

  20. To "paulsstuff"

    It's the spending, doofus. Yes the macro projections are an amalgalm of forecast from different sources, but the government knows and controls the spending side.


  21. Re: Canadian government's spending.
    US Dollar lost it's popularity in international trade and a basket of other currencies need to replace it. Canada can print and spend Canadian Dollars knowing that this money will never come back to Canada and cause inflation. Rescuing international trade and international monetary is very much part of Conservative philosophy.
    If Canadian government does not do its part and flood international market with Canadian Dollars we might end up trading in Russian Rubels or China's Yuans.
    I know that all lefties would just love such outcome and this is why they attack Harper on stimulus spending and budget deficit.

  22. The spending is all in the budget anonDoofus,
    on the public record, anonDoofus.
    The revenues are estimates and reassessed as they come in...and you work in finance?

  23. Hey anony @ 8:50 pm

    Sticks and stones.....
    Doofus? Seriously? I haven't heard that for, well since, I raised adolescent teenage daughters.

    WE ARE OFF TOPIC and as you can well imagine, it is always suspect, when the trolling D's pop by and get things redirected off of ADSCAM.

    They really, really show up when we are intersted in those, 40 or so Million.

    Whos sells that many paper bags? Just curious.

  24. Anon says: "As someone who works in finance (private equity).... blah, blah, blah..."

    Translation: he has a paper route and collects weekly from his customers.

  25. Sorry Biff but I need Anony to go way back, a long way back to the December, Coalition incest.

    Do you NOT RECALL, the dialogue about the big 3 bailout by the 'sweethearts?
    Do you NOT RECALL, who was staging paid for support of the coalition?

    I am sorry. I wish I knew your name or sudonym so that calling you anony, was less frustrating for me but your power thirsty buddies were about to likely spend BILLIONS AND BILLIONS more.
    The auto bailout was first and would NOT have waited for the messiah, O's.

    Think about it. I have a charming old pocket watch if you require being put under. At least be honest, and Biff, thanks for your tolerance of another diversion by the D's.

  26. I think it would be great for the Conservatives to try to run a campaign on the sponsorship scandal.

    I can just see it:

    - Canadians are concerned about our jobs, about our savings, about our kids' education, about how the Harper government plans to pay down the staggering and unprecedented record deficit (because they haven't yet told us; do they have any plan for it other than "don't worry be happy"?), about whether Harper gives a crap about us


    - the Harper Conservatives roll out ad after ad about some corruption that occurred three Prime Ministers and 6 elections ago, that involved not a single person from the current Liberal caucus, that the Liberals themselves revealed to the public by referring to the RCMP and holding a full inquiry on, that the Conservatives themselves did not campaign on in 2008.

    That would be so sweet.

    Alas, Harper is actually just smart enough and ambitious enough to permit his Liberal Derangement Syndrom to interfere with his never ending pursuit of power.

  27. Not so much of a total focal point Ted.

    Just a reminder of what Liberals are capable of doing with taxpayers' scarce dollars in these tough economic times.

  28. Anon @7:34

    Your first comment referenced the increased deficit. It was pointed out projections are made using information from banks and economists. You lost that argument, so now it's because you meant spending, right?

    Coalition had $34 billion in stimulus planned, not counting money for the auto sector. Do the math on that spending and get back to me.

    And I could say I'm a rocket scientist, but that wouldn't make it true. Much like your statement you work in finance.