Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Rocking" the Tories!!!!

It's a deep scandal, one that involves vast and deep layers of conspiracy and lies upon lies, going to the very heart of government accountability, in which the public has been defrauded by those who've been entrusted with our nation's treasure!

Actually no. A staffer forgot an isotope report on a table.

But Iggy has signaled he wants to take down the Tories, and his liberal friends in the media know it is now "gate" season: the time of year when you liberally (excuse the pun) apply the standard Nixonian suffix and gin up every every error or slip to sound like an earth shattering scandal that "rocks" the government to its core.

Last go 'round we had the nefarious "pooping puffin" that dominated headlines. And who could forget the single line of black humour that was apparently so much deeper than a one-liner uttered in a meeting. No, it represented so, so much more. In story after story, analysts and commentators delved deep into the coldness, the underlying malady that permeated the dark heart of conservatism manifested in the four second utterance.

Now, a single, inadvertently forgotten, document is the latest conservative scandal of the century.

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