Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Media Reports Harper to Paint a "Rosy Picture" In Economic Report

Liberal media clairvoyance.

They just know Harper won't be honest. From the bottom of their liberal hearts.

UPDATE: Interesting. Very interesting. After this post they changed the story. The original stated:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to present a rosy picture of his Conservative government’s handling of the recession Thursday in a slick made-for-TV presentation designed to forestall a quick summer election.

Now its scaled back to a "good report".

Keeping 'em honest over here at Biff's place.

UPDATE 2: Did they change it back or am I seeing things?


  1. msm prefer 'sexy' stories,
    a Conservative good news story, giving PMSH credit for anything, is just too difficult to write.

  2. I think having Mike Duffy do the panel is brilliant.

    Canadians like Duffy and it's likely few even know he is batting for the home team these days.

    Sneaky sneaky... heh.

  3. Media types in Canada are frightened little people, they don't dare simply report news straight up because they're afraid of their hard-line leftist colleagues and especially the comfortably established management in media, piss off those fatcats and a Canadian 'journalist' will never work again.

  4. Friend / enemy from Maclean'sJune 11, 2009 at 2:09 AM

    Hey dude, nice to see you have your own blog! Keep up the authentic work.

  5. Plant the negativety out there before the announcement...what do you you really think that the opposition would say anything good about the government...they are not King of the Hill so it must be bad because they have gotten things so right when they were in power....Iam still waiting for that 40 million to show up from Adscam

  6. I think the PM laid out a challenge to Iggy today, about what would happen if he calls an election. PMSH is ready, willing and able to go to the people.
    My dilemma is, should I send my maximum donation to the party or to Lisa's campaign. I think this whole mess is to get that seat back into liberal hands.