Monday, June 8, 2009

Scandal du Jour in "Political Firestorm!" Season

A Conservative.

Seeks to position an issue in a favorable light.

In discussions with their communications person.

In Canada.

We're not making this up.



  1. And in a situation which the Minister assumed to be private.

    Good post Biff. Well done.

  2. Shocking!

    Just Shocking!

    And pay no attention to the truly insignificant news (affecting the financial well being of every man, woman, and child in our land) regarding Canada weathering the worldwide economic storm better than the rest.

  3. TangoJuliette sez:

    Looks like David McGee is tryuing to deflect heat from Bro Dalton McGee of an eHealthOnt scam fast approaching Gun Registry and Adscam volatility.

    Harris do something likke this Liberal eHealth scam, or Mulrooney? Hell would not contain enough ink with which the MSM would try to flood our streets.

    Time for Ontari-arians to dig out the pitachforks and torches and take it to the streets.

    These lierals have no shame. The have no conscience. The DO have moxy, and boy do THEY ever have entitlements! And they have no qualms whatsoever in appropriating them. On our dime.

    And, in Ontario's case, on my OHIP card, and on the back of my personal health, well-being and life expecatancy.

    Min of Health? Gotta get gone!! Likewise Dalton! Likewise the bluddy Liberal Ontario Party Machine, beofre we all die off, bankrupt, hungry and wasted away.

    Dalton's agenda? Destroy healthcare as we now know it. Almost one billion dollars into guess who's pockets, and my healthcare program hasn't improved one whit.

    I die abecause of this intransigence, my offsspring and grand-children know just what lawyer to sic onto the Dastardly Dalton Gang.

    Reckless Endangerment. Dereliction of Duty. Malfeasance. Misappropriation of funds. Negligence causing death. Litigate these putzes into personal pverty and ultimate oblivion.


    t.e. & o.e.

  4. Once again, Liberals playing gotcha politics, BECAUSE IT'S ALL THEY GOT!

    And if I were Lisa Raitt, I would not have hired that girl, seeing as her daddy's is an Iffy fundraiser.

    As Joanne said on her blog: Trust no one.

  5. Next time any of you are in an elevator,talk about the liberals $54billion E.I. scandal at the same time saying I wonder why the media is not on the liberals' case for abusing the E.I."
    If we say this and more, those who are listening some may be politicians newsreporters or just a regular guy will take note.
    I would brazenly tell my friend in the elevator "it is a good thing that I go to the blogs, where there are news which the media will never tell you. Mention Corbeil.
    Say in the elevator " Guess what there are articles that says the economy is turning around. it is a real shame that the media doesn't want to talk it. I feel sorry for the innocent canadians who depend on the media for good news not crap, lies."