Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iggy: Credibility Gone

Two opposing parties agree to have a look at an issue a few months down the road - seems reasonable to me.

The problem for Iggy, is that for weeks he was promising his supporters the rumble in the jungle, the battle royal, doing the "if you don't give me what I want, I'll bring you down...just try me" bluster, when all he was ever prepared to do was have a nice little fireside chat. The NDP will be merciless at Iggy's failure to obtain anything concrete.

But the results of this fizzled melodrama are far less important than what it says about the man who wants to one day lead this great country. If his supporters can't trust him to do what he says why should the rest of us? After going so far out on a limb to show he means business, only to crater when the chips were down, how can he ever be taken seriously?


  1. Iggy is just Dion with bushy eyebrows and much more narcissism.

  2. The only way to truly judge if there was damage to credibility is if Ignatieff did or did not get what he was asking for.
    And to determine that we first have to know what it was he was asking for....
    He did say what he was asking for didn't he?
    Or is this Iggy imparting the Paul Martin Adscam defence?

  3. I sure hope the media and bloggers don't go saying that Iggy showed himself to be a patient parliamentarian who is working hard to be a strong opposition leader while taking into account the best needs of Canadians.
    This would be awful compared to what they were saying when Harper took Canadians into an unwanted, and ultimately useless election.
    What if Canadians actually began to think of Iggy as a gentleman and scholar with international experience, education and awareness. Oh my god, the right needs to stop this man!

  4. The deferral of action until the EI panel report and the fall session is not without positives. Everybody will get ready for an election in the fall or winter. The Conservatives are intact and messaging that they are working to provide reasonable options on EI - the Liberals get to nominate candidates and raise money (I don't think they can raise the cash), the NDP will weigh options and check the polls as will the BLOC. The big question is the economy, where will it go? Cheers Fern StAlbert

  5. "A gentleman",

    yes, and he wears white gloves, defends womens' honor with the challenge of a duel and smokes those really thin cigars.

    This isn't tryouts for the part of an eighteenth century romance. He wants to lead this country in an economic crises, in a world with real bad people who want to acquire nuclear weapons.

    "Gentlemanly" is about 1007th on my list of characteristics I want in a PM.

  6. "What if Canadians actually began to think of Iggy as a gentleman and scholar with international experience, education and awareness"

    You go right on believing that Greg.

    Meanwhile - we all know the truth.

  7. Actually, maybe Iffy is everything that Greg said,
    but He is not a leader.

    No political sense nor experience,
    his strategies end up painting him into a corner,
    tho' if he wanted Foriegn Affairs in a Harper Government,
    I'm pretty sure he would be a shoe in.

    Hands up anyone thinking Iffy 'is the man' who could stand up against the Obama administration steam rolling over Canada!

    I think what Canadians got a really good look at thru all this,
    is that PMSH IS the guy to lead Canada,
    he's tough and calculating,
    he's the type of leader you want to have in a difficult fight, like this recession.