Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Raise Your Hand if You've Ever Been Deported for Being a Supporter of a Terrorist Group

Bob? Bob, I see you at the back of the class. C'mon now, put that hand up. I know its a little embarrassing being the only one, but it's time to fess up.


  1. Maybe he was going to do an Iggy and go run for leader of a Sri Lankan political party.

  2. If Ontario had deported him prior to that NDP election win we'd be in a lot better shape.

  3. 'Below is an article appeared under the opinion column in the daily news paper in Sri Lanka will give a background on Bob Rae's visit':
    (scroll half way down page)

    ''...the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Canada has requested and got secret approval from some individuals in the Foreign Office in Colombo to send Mr. Bob Rae to Sri Lanka from June 10-12 and asked that he be treated as a "cabinet minister". ...
    Mr. Allan Rock, who also was sent to Sri Lanka with the blessings of the mission in New York, was a member of the same political party as Bob Rae and J. Karygianis.
    It is a good example of this type of careless, ignorant action that was a public relations disaster for Sri Lanka....

    Four guilty of Tamil Tiger terror charges
    RCMP Aided Bust; Support network operated in U. S. and Canada

  4. Did Rae make any comments when Galloway or others were refused entry into Canada.
    Why should he be treated as a cabinet minister, as he does not deserve it. Are we to assume by that, that whenever liberals travel they pretend to be what they are not. The picture of Iggy in Times squares with O, makes me wonder.

  5. You reap what you sow, and the ugly weeds that have sprouted from the Liberal's support of terrorism have started to clog the works..

  6. But will we hear howls from the media, how Rae has hurt the reputation and image of Canada abroad? nah
    How MPs like Rae give the US grounds to....nah,
    they will give a balanced report, without rehashing all the (alleged) terrorist pep rallies attended by Lib Mps, the Tiger fund raising attended by Martin...
    off the front pages tonite.

  7. Did Mr. Rae travel on his own expense account, MP government allowance or as the Liberal party critic? Questions? - questions that the media will not ask. Cheers. Fern St Albert

  8. This is hilarious. Bob, as a diplomat's son, should know better than to "appear to" choose sides in historical tribal warfare situations.